Lean In Education

Below you’ll find our growing library of expert talks, discussion guides, and resources to help women advance their careers and everyone identify and interrupt gender bias.

Expert Video Series from Lean In

Negotiation Advice for Women

Understand how gender influences negotiation and get tips on confidently advocating for yourself based on the latest research.

What Works for Women at Work

Learn how to spot four patterns of gender bias—and hear women’s real-life strategies for navigating them successfully.

Centered Leadership

Follow the Centered Leadership model to lead with impact, resilience, and fulfillment at work and in the rest of your life.

Connection Activities

Lean In Bingo

Use this bingo activity as a fun icebreaker to get to know your Circle members better.

Connection Cards

Use a deck of cards to build trust in your Circle as you dive deep quickly through a series of personal questions.

Your Childhood Self

Share childhood photos with your Circle to connect with your younger and adult selves—and each other.

Expert Talks

TED Talks

Lean In Meeting Guides