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How Successful Women Leaders Build Trust and Community

The Centered Leadership model will help you lead with impact, resilience, and fulfillment at work and in your life. There are five parts to Centered Leadership: Meaning, Framing, Connecting, Engaging, and Energizing. Watch “Introduction to Centered Leadership.” In Connecting, the focus of this meeting, we learn to build trust and form relationships that enable us to have greater impact. Feeling connected is the key to sustained fulfillment.

By Joanna Barsh, director emeritus McKinsey & Company and author of Centered Leadership and How Remarkable Women Lead, along with McKinsey & Company

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Find peer support and mentorship with friends, co-worker, or neighbors.

  • Meet virtually and stay connected
  • Resources & step-by-step guides
  • 86% of women in Circles say it’s made a positive impact on their life.