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50 Ways to Fight Bias Fight bias at your organization

Companies need to act now to promote, hire, and retain women—and 50 Ways to Fight Bias can help.

Designed to be flexible and to be tailored to suit your organization’s needs, this free program features almost 100 digital cards that highlight specific instances of workplace bias. With the cards organized into 12 sets curated for different audiences, and translated into 6 languages, we make it easy to run your workshop your way. And if you don’t see a set that works for you – you can always create your own!

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Challenging bias is good for companies

For seven years, Lean In and McKinsey & Company have studied the state of women in corporate America. Our findings are stark: women are less likely to be hired and promoted, and they’re more likely to face everyday discrimination and microaggressions in their workplaces. For women of color, LGBTQ women, and women with disabilities, these inequities are even more pronounced. And the effects are profound—women are less happy at work, and they’re more likely to think about leaving their jobs.

We know it works

The program has been used by thousands of organizations, including Amazon, PayPal, Walmart, and the Wharton MBA Program. And it works.


95% of program participants are more committed to challenging bias


96% of managers feel better equipped to talk about bias with their teams


90% of program participants say they know what to do when they see women face bias at work

Explore the digital program

Want to learn more about the success of 50 Ways? Read our case studies to see how Fossil Group and Momentive implemented the program and the impact it had on their employees.

How companies can use this program

Explore some options for bringing the program to your company below, including recommendations on specific sets of cards that will resonate with participants.


Engage Your Employees

Host a workshop for employees

For large gatherings—either in-person or virtual—select a set of cards and use our virtual moderator guide to walk everyone through the activity. Break participants into smaller groups or virtual breakout rooms to discuss the situations and brainstorm solutions together. 95% of employees who participate in a workshop are more committed to challenging bias.

Check out how Momentive used this implementation strategy.

Recommended Format

50+ people
1-2 hour session
Mixed gender employees, all levels
Set recommendations

Integrate into existing programming

Use 50 Ways to facilitate conversations about bias within your existing programming. This could be a diversity and inclusion training, new employee training, or monthly all-hands meetings.

Recommended Format

All group sizes
1-2 hour session
Mixed gender employees, all level
Set recommendations

Incorporate into everyday workplace activities

For common workplace gatherings like weekly meetings or team lunches, use the situations or videos individually. For example, discuss one situation in each weekly team meeting or watch the videos together over lunch.

Recommended Format

All group sizes
Less than 15 minutes
Mixed gender employees, all levels

Train your managers and senior leaders

Host a workshop for managers

Managers play a critical role in creating inclusive team cultures—yet only a third of managers challenge bias when it happens. Lead managers through the program to help them understand how they can challenge bias—and then ask them to bring the program to their teams. 96% of managers who have participated in 50 Ways feel more equipped to discuss challenging bias with their teams.

Check out how Fossil Group used this implementation strategy.

Recommended Format

All group sizes
1-2 hour session
Set recommendations
  • Use our manager set to provide managers with concrete steps for fighting bias and creating an inclusive team culture.

Host a workshop for senior leaders

Senior leaders play a key role in creating inclusive company policies, programs, and cultures where fighting bias is a norm. Lead senior leaders through the program to help them understand how they can build a more inclusive workplace.

Recommended Format

All group sizes
1-2 hour session
Senior leaders
Set recommendations
  • Use our senior leader set to help senior leaders understand how they can fight bias by shifting company policies, programs, and culture.

Integrate into your hiring and reviews/promotions process

Use before hiring and promotions

Research shows bias often affects staffing decisions. 50 Ways can be used to remind stakeholders of how to avoid common pitfalls in the hiring and reviews/promotions processes.

Recommended Format

Groups of 6-8 people
1-2 hour session
Anyone involved in hiring
Set recommendations
  • Use our set on addressing the “broken rung” to learn how to address bias in hiring and promotions at the first step up to manager—the “broken rung” where women are often overlooked and left behind.
  • Use our hiring set to educate interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers on how to recognize and reduce bias in the hiring process.
  • Use our reviews and promotions set to train evaluators on reducing bias in reviews and promotions—an area where biased assessments can have a big impact on women’s careers.

Facilitate small group discussions

Run a small group discussion

For small group gatherings, lead participants through a set of cards and discuss the situations and recommendations together. You can do this in one session or over the course of a series.

Recommended Format

Groups of 6-8 people
1-2 hour session
Mixed gender employees, all levels
Set recommendations
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Running 50 Ways in another language?

We have everything you need to run a successful workshop in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Check out the translated program materials

Learn how to bring 50 Ways to your company

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You’re in good company

We’ve helped hundreds of leaders create organizations where everyone is empowered and supported. Companies of all sizes use our programs to achieve real, measurable DEI results.

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  • Paypal
  • Walmart
  • Wharton

Ready to get started?

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Digital Presentation

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