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Elevate your career with Lean In Circles

Lean In Circles combine a world-class leadership curriculum with the power of women coming together for collective learning, growth, and support. Learn how to overcome self-doubt, become a transformational leader, and other critical professional development skills—all at no cost.

Our mission is to empower all women to achieve their ambitions, one Circle at a time.

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What are Circles about?

Leaning in is not a solo sport. And women continue to face bias and barriers at work. Circles are a space for women to come together to learn research-backed strategies to advance their careers, all while benefiting from peer mentorship, validation, and support. Now, with our new leadership training program for women, it’s easier than ever for women to build new skills and run an engaging Circle.

Leadership skill building

Our Women at Work Collection is a free leadership training program designed to help your Circle develop new professional skills, such as how to negotiate effectively, get the recognition you deserve, and practice allyship. It’s a culmination of decades of research, expert input, and insights from our global community on women’s experiences.

Peer mentorship

Whether your Circle is made of friends, co-workers, or women you’ve met through our community, you’ll soon have a tight-knit support group to guide you through both personal and professional challenges. People tend to learn best in groups—not only can you benefit from different perspectives, but group dynamics can be motivating.

Monthly meetings

Circles usually meet once a month, either in person or virtually—it’s up to you and your Circle to decide what works best for the group. Every meeting closes by committing to One Action—one thing you’ll do to step outside your comfort zone or learn something new before you meet next.

Introducing the Women at Work Collection for Lean In Circles

Featuring a series of 18 action-oriented videos, real-life stories from women in our global community, and accompanying discussion guides, the Collection is your guide to overcoming workplace challenges and elevating your achievements. From navigating bias to boosting self-confidence, it not only fosters professional development, but encourages your Circle to embark on a shared journey of learning and honing new leadership skills.

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Want to learn more? Join a Circle Leader Training

Join our free Circle Leader Training to learn about how to get your Circle up and running; from deciding on your Circle’s purpose, recruiting members, right up to hosting your first meeting. You’ll also have a chance to connect with other Circle Leaders from around the world for inspiration and support.

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LeanIn.Org Circle Leader Training

Why lead a Circle?

Whether your Circle is made of friends, co-workers, or women you've met in our community, you'll soon:

  • Foster a tight-knit support group to guide you through your career and your life
  • Strengthen your network by joining a global community of 56,000 Circle Leaders in 188 countries
  • Become a better leader and learn new skills through our free Circle Leader Trainings, library of expert talks, and resources
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Circles around the world

Go behind the scenes of three Lean In Circles
(they're all still meeting—just online!)

Lean in Lyon

Freelancers in France are sharing tips, introducing each other to clients, and practicing negotiations.

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Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley

Latinas with decades of experience are mentoring the next generation.

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Mechanical Engineering Circle, Delhi, India

Students in India are taking on gender stereotypes and going further—faster.

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Lead a Circle

Leading a Circle is easy. We’ll give you everything you need to get your Circle up and running—even virtually—plus ongoing guidance and resources.


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Whether you’re tackling new challenges at work or home, looking for career advice, or just seeking peer support—your Circle will help you get there.

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