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Connect and support the women at your organization with Lean In Circles

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally disrupted our work and home lives—and many women are bearing a disproportionate burden. We know from our Women in the Workplace research that women are struggling with burnout —so much so that one in four women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce due to Covid-19. Without bold steps, companies could lose millions of women and hard-won progress on gender diversity.

That’s where Lean In Circles can help: by connecting and supporting the women in your organization to get—and grow—through this together.

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What are Lean In Circles?

Circles are small groups of women who come together regularly to mentor and support each other. Right now, Circles are meeting virtually to support each other through the Covid-19 crisis—by connecting over shared experiences, giving and receiving advice, and problem-solving together.

Circles are active in 188 countries and in more than 3,000 companies, including P&G, Amazon, Coca-Cola and Airbnb.

The impact of Circles

Whether your objective is to support, retain, or mentor your women employees—here’s how our free Circles program can help you achieve your organizational goals.


Lean In Circles create a space for women in your organization to share their experiences, give and receive advice, and tackle challenges together. That’s particularly important right now when employees are feeling less connected to their coworkers.

Career Development

Circles empower women to achieve their personal and professional goals: two-thirds of women in Circles have taken on a new challenge as a result of being in their Circle. Women in Circles are more confident and ambitious–and more likely to get promoted.


Circles encourage members to discuss new ideas and practice new skills together. Members also benefit from the insights and expertise of their peers, which can be just as effective as traditional mentor-mentee relationships. Women who are part of Circles are also more likely to offer to mentor a colleague.


Circles build better leaders—with moderators gaining valuable facilitation and management experience. And 73% of women in Circles feel equipped to be better leaders as a result of being part of a Circle.

Diversity & Employee Satisfaction

Women who participate in Circles are more likely to think that their company is doing what it takes to improve gender diversity and more likely to talk openly about gender issues in the workplace.

How Circles work at companies

Small groups built to scale

Circles are made up of 8 to 12 women and typically form around a common thread such as level (senior executives), function (sales), or identity (working moms). This is one of the reasons the program continues to scale—the power of women with shared experiences learning and growing together.

Monthly meetings optimized for virtual

Circles usually meet once a month for 60 to 90 minutes, and right now, most Circles are meeting via video conference. In an increasingly isolated world, Circle meetings allow women to connect across geographic silos, build camaraderie, and grow their networks.


Circles provide a safe space for women to share openly about their challenges and discuss solutions and build new skills together. We provide free meeting guides and resources to prompt group discussion and help Circle members learn new skills together.

Bringing Circles to your company is easy

Circles are easy to get started and many companies plug them into Employee Resource Groups and Learning and Development initiatives. We make it simple to launch and scale your Circles program—and tailor it to your existing diversity and inclusion efforts. And it’s all completely free.

  • Support to launch and scale

    We provide a step-by-step guide on how to launch and scale Circles at your company, from a kick-off event to introduce Circles and recruit members, to Circle leader training sessions to set your leaders up for success.

  • More than two years of content

    Our online resource library contains everything Circles need to run more than two years’ worth of meetings, including step-by-step meeting guides, educational videos, and skill-building activities. Topics include gender bias, mentorship, and negotiation, plus COVID-specific content on juggling work and home life, leading during a crisis, and more.

  • Centralized network

    You can centrally manage your Circles network on our website and employees across any of your global offices can register or find a Circle to join.

“In your Circle you have a unique space that doesn’t exist anywhere else... you can be fully you.”

— Tonia Elrod, P&G
Learn how the women at P&G leaned in with Circles

Bring Circles to your company

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