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10 Tips for Female CS&E Grads

The transition from college to career is challenging — and for many female CS&E grads it can feel daunting.

For Men to Lean In at Home, Women Need to Lean Back

As more men take the lead at home—and more women given them the freedom to do so—everyone will benefit.

Dads Doing Both: Helpful Hints for the Man Who Wants to Win at Home and Work

Read tips from Ray Arata on how men can succeed in supporting the women in their lives.

So You Want to Be a Male Feminist?

Michael Kimmel shares 12 do's and don'ts for guys who want to be feminists.

I Don’t Deserve to be Here: Presence and the Impostor Syndrome

Ever felt like a fraud? Amy Cuddy explains that you're not alone – and what you can do about it.

Now What? Here's How Smart Women Succeed Despite Gender Barriers

Get tips to navigate gender bias in the workplace and succeed in any environment

Surfing the S-Curve: How to Disrupt Yourself and Why

Read why we should all embrace risk—and disrupt the status quo.

Things welove

Jennifer Garner's Powerful Speech On Gender Equality In Hollywood

“The ‘men in Hollywood’ event is every day — it’s called Hollywood.”

J.K. Rowling Will Publish A New Story On Halloween

The 'Harry Potter' author has written a new story about Dolores Umbridge, a witch and former Hogwarts professor.

Meet New York's First And Only Trans Woman Firefighter

"There's such a pervasive feeling that firefighting is a job for straight men," Brooke Guinan says. Here's how she's proving them wrong.

Lady Mechanic Initiative On Empowering Women In Nigeria

"At first, the men were saying 'You can't do it, that it's our world.' But we made them realize we can do it. "

Watch This Amazing Female Russian Astronaut Shut Down a Sexist Reporter

"Aren't you interested in the hairstyles of my colleagues?"

Emma Watson Gives Powerful UN Speech On Gender

"I want men to take up this mantle." #HeForShe

Mae Jemison, First African-American Woman In Space

"Never be limited by other people's imaginations," she says.