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J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.


JPMC India Women Circle

1 member
in Bengaluru

Women in Tech Bangalore

Lean In Circle for Women in Tech (engineers, product managers, etc) in the Bangalore area.

362 members
in Bengaluru

Women at Silicon Valley India

Bringing together the women in Bangalore and leaning in!

4 members
in Bengaluru

CS&E Bangalore

Our CS&E Bangalore, aims to facilitate the required skills and knowledge to the younger generation of girls an...

7 members
in Bengaluru


Together we will make a difference!! This group is for women who want to move up the ladder in their work pl...

30 members
in Bengaluru

Women leaders of Sarjapur Road

We aim to facilitate women leaders located in and around Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, to meet and share professio...

72 members
HerSecondInnings in Bengaluru


To assist sabbatical women professionals to get back career stream!

45 members
in Bengaluru

Entrepreneurs Circle Bengaluru

This is a support Circle for Women Entrepreneurs who would like to network, expand their business, share conce...

2 members
in Bengaluru

Bangalore Professionals

Lean In Circle for Bangalore professionals. This is part of the Lean In Bangalore network - the oldest and lar...

3 members
in Bengaluru

Lean in East Bangalore

This Circle is for working/career women in varied fields, living or working in East Bangalore area. The group ...

8 members