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San Francisco

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Our mission is to empower and inspire women in the San Francisco Bay Area to lean in to their greatest potential.

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in San Francisco

Overdressed & Overeducated (ODOE)

We're a group of empowered women. We're #DOERs, we're active, we're strong, and we thrive by helping the peopl...

1 member
in San Francisco

SF Career Transition

We are a group to support women who are going through a job search or changing careers.

12 members
in San Francisco

Rise & Resurge

Resurgence: a rising again into life, activity, or prominence. Our circle is formed of women spanning many sta...

30 members
in San Francisco

20-somethings of San Francisco

Dear reader, I am so glad you are here. Just know, we emphasize confidentiality. Here = we bridge the gap be...

95 members
in San Francisco

Women in Education & Healthcare

We are a group of professional women with a passion to be leaders and spark change in the fields of education ...

44 members

Wonder Women Unite

We are an amazing group of women executives, entrepreneurs and educators from around the world. My intention...

277 members
in Santa Clara

Santa Clara Lean In

We aim to instill confidence in women and provide a platform which can help them excel. A little about our ...

80 members
in San Francisco

Startups: Launch and Develop

Are you thinking about launching a startup or have a company you are looking to grow? Join like-minded entrepr...

17 members

SF Women of Faith

We are a network of women dedicated to encouraging and empowering each other to Lean In in our personal and pr...

1 member
in San Francisco

Tech Women of the 415

We are a group of female professionals working in tech, who aim to overcome some of the daily challenges of be...

317 members
in San Francisco

Women of the 415

We are a group of female professionals with the goal of working together to build confidence in both our profe...

904 members
in San Francisco

Monthly Meetup

Turning "we should meet up some time" into an actual meetup! Monthly meeting taking place on the second Wedn...

36 members
in Oakland

East Bay Moms

Circle for all East Bay moms :)

1 member