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We help women in energy achieve their ambitions through great mentoring.

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in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Oil&Gas management

Women in oil&gas sharing experiences in their work-life balance, careers and career management.

3 members
Emerson Electric Co. in St. Louis


One Emerson is a forum for Women of Emerson Leadership to meet, grow and learn together, while also benefiting...

6 members
Pink Petro

LeanIn Energy

Energy is an important resource that we all share and need to power our lives. This Lean In Chapter brings wo...

45 members
Emerson Daniel in Houston

Lean In Energy Daniel

Intimate group setting at Emerson Daniel - 1. Provide an environment to have open conversations 2. Give and ...

1 member
Women in Oil and Gas Association in Denver

WOGA Leadership Program

Annual leadership development program utilizing 12 of the Lean In Circle Leadership series and discussions. Pa...

17 members
in Houston

40 Female Founders, Investors, & Corp. VC

Under 40 Female Founders, Investors, & Corp. VC

46 members
in Kuwait City

Lean In Q8 Energy

This Lean In Circle in Kuwait will cluster women working or interested in Oil & Gas Sector and the Energy Sect...

3 members
Hess Corporation in Houston


To help promote and cultivate leadership skills, business practices, career opportunities and personal contact...

6 members
in Kuala Lumpur


It's what they called a 'dirty' business, previously largely dominated by men. But nowadays we see more women ...

16 members

Women Of Energy

Being a woman in the energy industry can often be hard, I want to encourage women to lean in because from expe...

1 member
in London

Lean In Energy

How can we encourage more women to lean into the energy industry? The energy sector continues to lag behind in...

2 members
in Houston

Houston Oil and Gas Managers

Group of women leaders in Oil and Gas in technical and business disciplines

17 members

Lean In Energy Entrepreneurs

This circle is for energy entrepreneurs.

1 member