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This is a Lean In Nonprofit network

Lean In Latinas

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Mountain View
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Our mission

We advance Latinas in the workplace

About our Network

  • Meets once a month
  • Looking for members

Lean In Latinas provides a platform of encouragement and support for Latinas in the workplace to achieve higher levels of performance. Discussions provide confidence building, ideas exchange, and inspiration.

2 Network Leaders, 1028 Members

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39 Circles in our Network

in Redwood City

Latinas Lean Into Action

This group will organize events and campaigns for Lean In Latinas representation. Take action, get involved an...

6 members

SF/East Bay Latinas

This group is for all Latinas in the East Bay Area. During Covid-19 time we will focus on mental health and co...

75 members
in Houston


This circle is for Latinas and allies in the Houston, Texas and surrounding area. Our goal is to support Latin...

57 members
in Redwood City

Latinas in San Mateo County

We aim to provide a platform to connect Latinas from the San Mateo County to share experiences, to support eac...

71 members
in San Francisco

Latinas in Finance and Treasury

Latinas in Finance and Treasury is a network that provides opportunities for knowledge sharing, expands profes...

10 members

Lean in entrepreneurs

Lean-in Entrepreneurs mission is to build a resource center for entrepreneurs. Define each individual's dream ...

22 members
in San Jose

Latinas In Tech

Latinas working in tech, in the Bay Area and around the world. We meet monthly in-person in various locations ...

33 members
in Santa Clara

Lean In Wellness

In this group, we will practice yoga and meditation to support our general well-being. You will learn tools to...

90 members

Latinas in Europe

Welcome to the Lean In Latinas in London. This circle provides a platform of encouragement and support for Lat...

1 member
in San Jose

Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley

The purpose of this Circle is to connect LCSV members with an impressive network of professional Latinas in al...

95 members
in Palo Alto


STEM is often a multifaceted field that appreciates business management, marketing, design and networking skil...

10 members
in Redwood City

Latinas in Law

A place for Latinas in law to share best practices and build fellowship among the legal profession.

5 members
in Salinas

Monterey County Aspiring Latinas

The purpose of this circle is to connect and empower Latinas in Monterey County by providing professional reso...

6 members

Millennial Latinas

Millennial Latinas provides a platform of guidance and support for this generation of future women leaders. Di...

47 members

Latinas in Real Estate/Investments

Our Latinas in Real Estate/Investments circle seeks to provide a space for our Latina community members to con...

18 members

Lean In Latinas Espanol

Lean in latinas proporciona una plataforma de estímulo y empoderamiento a las latinas de todos los ámbitos de ...

6 members

Art and Culture

Art and Culture is a way that expresses the diverse, dynamic, evolving. Latinas are diverse, dynamic and evolv...

8 members
in New York


The empowerment of LATINAS continues to grow with ALL WOMEN in this nation, as a powerful body with the abilit...

200 members

Connecting Latinitas to Culture

Strengthen our daughter’s confidence and cultural identity

10 members
in Redwood City

Lean In Latinas Connect

Lean In Latinas let’s organize! We will work on issues impacting Latinas in the workplace and help to connect ...

16 members
Facebook, Inc. in Menlo Park

Latinas at Facebook

This is a circle for Latinas at Facebook. This is a platform for us to to develop our network, share inspirati...

1 member
in Zürich

Lean In - Latinas @ Zürich

Para mujeres emprendedoras, empoderadas y con ganas de compartir sus éxitos en un espacio en donde no solo com...

9 members

Speakers & Coaches

This circle is for Lean In Latinas members who use (or want to use) public speaking and coaching in their work...

3 members
in San Jose

Lean In Career Transitions

Lean In Career Transitions is an empowerment circle focused on providing peer support and resources to members...

25 members
in Miami

Lean In Latinas Miami

This is a Circle for Latin@ women with career ambition and a commitment to community.

95 members
Latina Surge in Miami

Latina Surge Miami

Working together as a community, we empower Latinas and all women with awareness, education and wealth generat...

47 members
in San Francisco

Lean In Latinas SF

Lean In Latinas SF is for Latinas who live or work in the city. Our circle will be focused on networking oppor...

38 members
Adriana & Company in Las Vegas


Our circle is designed to share and express our best practices in business and most importantly create a fun a...

12 members
in Albuquerque

Show Up Latinas! in New Mexico

Empowering Latina Women in New Mexico to Show Up! Latinas shaping the future with meaningful change by accompl...

8 members
in Folsom

Lean In Women of Sacramento

This Circle is to encourage discussions on: -How to Start a Business -Business Development -Coaching to reach ...

13 members
in San Diego

Lean In Latinas San Diego

Members will lean on one another's strengths to motivate and empower Latina women of all ages to be the best v...

8 members
in Madrid

Lean In Latinas Madrid

Lean In Latinas Madrid is for Latinas who live or work in the city. Our circle will be focused on networking o...

3 members

Puedes Todo, Chica!

Calla la voz de la chica mala en tu mente y ¡ve por tus sueños! • Este círculo está dedicado a empoderar mujer...

3 members

Latinas in Healthcare

This is a circle for Latinas in the healthcare industry who want to advance in their career. We are a part of ...

13 members
in London

Lean In Latinas London

Welcome to the Lean In Latinas in London. This circle provides a platform of encouragement and support for Lat...

2 members
in Las Vegas

Successful Latinas in Las Vegas

This circle is for any woman looking to connect with other successful women. Our goal is to stay Connected and...

4 members
in Mountain View

LIL Volunteers

This circle is a group of awesome LatinX, allies, and advocates who are interested in supporting LIL events an...

15 members
in San Francisco

Growing Through Grief

This is a Lean in Circle for women who are experiencing grief and loss. This circle aims to provide a support ...

3 members
in Madera

Central Valley LatinX Coalition

Central Valley LatinX Coalition is focused on empowering the LatinX community within the Central Valley to ove...

4 members