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SF Bay Area

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San Francisco

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Created for all circles that are located in San Francisco Bay Area.

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in Palo Alto

Palo Alto Lean In

A little bit about our circle: We formed Palo Alto Lean In Circle in March 2013. We have a thriving member com...

1839 members
in Palo Alto

Bay Area Parents

This is a Lean In circle for Bay Area parents pursuing a healthy work/life balance. Leaning In can look like a...

127 members
in Oakland


A virago is a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. Historically, an exceptional woman could ...

68 members
in Palo Alto


A circle of women leaders sharing and exploring the Silicon Valley culture to lead individuals, companies and ...

1 member
in San Francisco


This is a small circle of engineers and data scientists (and others) to get together and talk about our experi...

1 member
in Mountain View


Circle for

2 members
in San Francisco

Lean In for Democracy

Do you work in politics, policy, government roles, or other related fields? This group is for you!

1 member
in San Francisco


We are a group of women in the Bay Area doing great things in the energy, sustainability, and cleantech space....

12 members
in Sunnyvale

LM WIN Bay Area

The Lockheed Martin WIN Bay Area Lean In circle meets twice monthly at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Sunnyv...

21 members
in Redwood City

Women in Telecom

This is a lean-in circle for women in telecom industry to share ideas and learn from each other.

11 members
in San Francisco


mCircle pilot program in San Francisco

1 member
in San Francisco

Lean In UX

Let's explore, grow and develop our UX career together!

121 members
National Association of Women Business Owners in Oakland


We are members of NAWBO-SFBA and the Lean In Circle is one membership benefit for members. There are two: one ...

4 members
in Redwood City

Redwood Shores Techies

This group is for people around the Redwood Shores area, who work in tech or intend to work in tech. Our #1 pu...

2 members
in Los Altos

Los Altos

Girl Scout Troop Leader, foreign policy/edtech and looking to navigate the next 10 years. Vegas rules for the ...

3 members
in Piedmont

Career Support Group

Women leaning-in after taking a pause in their career to start a family.

1 member
Gap Inc. in San Francisco


Welcome all Gap Inc. women! This Lean-in circle is for all women working at Gap corporate headquarters in San ...

1 member

Northern California

Group of women looking to network and share experiences advancing their careers or their business skills. Not ...

64 members
Livefyre in San Francisco


A place for Livefyre employees to discuss gender differences in the workplace and how we can encourage and sup...

22 members


Leaning In together and learning from each other

1 member
San Jose State University


San Jose State University's circle to connect students, alumni, industry professionals, and faculty from all m...

21 members
in San Francisco

Women with Grit

Women with Grit is a small group of young women that meets monthly and follows a curriculum based on Sheryl Sa...

4 members
in San Francisco

Lamorinda Lean In Circle

This circle is for professional women in the Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, and the immediate East Bay surrounding...

1 member
in Berkeley

Excellence in Motion

We're a group of women in our late 20s, 30s, and early 40s working throughout the Bay Area that support each o...

30 members

CPAs Lean In

A supportive space for Accounting & Finance professionals to share best practices and develop as leaders.

76 members
in Oakland

Bay Area Nonprofits

This group is for everyone who wants to make the world a better place. If you are actively participating in gi...

60 members

Inspired By You

We unite to keep each other inspired, focused, and creative.

15 members
in San Francisco


Regular female or female-identified designers (product design, UX, UI, visual design) meet up to discuss curre...

1 member


This circle is to identify and support female founders in the greater Bay Area and beyond. Feel free to tell u...

19 members
in Santa Clara

Santa Clara Lean In

We aim to instill confidence in women and provide a platform which can help them excel. A little about our cir...

206 members

Women Lawyers of the SF Bay Area

This Circle is dedicated to the women lawyers in the Bay Area sharing the goal of empowering each other in the...

1 member
in Berkeley


Starting a law career can be challenging. There's a lot of obstacles from just getting into college to scoring...

17 members
Advance Publications in San Francisco

Hey Ladies

A place for Reddit Ladies to lean in...

2 members
in Fremont

Fremont Lean In and Rise Up

Circle Mission: Empower and support women in raising respectful children while managing ever growing challenge...

3 members
in San Francisco


Women@Instacart is an Employee Resource Group with the mission of connecting and empowering women. Women@Insta...

25 members
Confidence Gym LLC in San Francisco

Confidence Gym Extended Team

Confidence Gym provides a comprehensive platform with affordable, results-oriented products, and services for ...

5 members

Ceiling Breakers

Are you one of a few women in your workplace? Does your career-field traditionally employ mostly men? If so, y...

29 members
in San Francisco


Women Leaders: Mastering Influence, Authenticity, and Power. How to navigate the high seas of being a woman in...

17 members