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Career Empowerment for Working Mothers

One of the most powerful forms of bias against working women is maternal bias. Research shows that women are much more likely than men to face bias and judgment if they take extended time off work to care for their children. This set of videos addresses topics such as how to cope with burnout, build confidence, and restart your career after a break. Each video is accompanied by a guide for you to discuss with peers how best to navigate these challenges and thrive at work.

Research shows that women become even more driven to advance in their careers after having children. And yet, because of maternal bias, mothers are often paid less and passed over for promotions due to assumptions about their priorities. In this video, we'll share proven strategies for combating maternal bias and taking control of your career. From showcasing your accomplishments to prioritizing high-visibility projects, you can demonstrate your dedication and prove that motherhood doesn't diminish your ambition or abilities.

Each playlist is 7-to-9 months of curated content for women with shared experiences, career stages, or skill-building goals. We provide a kickoff guide to set the stage for your first Circle meeting, custom discussion guides for each video, and a Looking Back and Next Steps Guide after you complete the playlist (which is coming soon).

Download the accompanying Discussion Guide to explore this topic with your Lean In Circle.

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