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How to cope with job loss during the pandemic

We need community now more than ever

Circles are small groups of women who come together for real talk and peer support. Right now, Circles are meeting virtually and helping each other through the pandemic. We’re a global community and we’re continuing to lean on each other.

Resources to help you get through this

If you’re covering this topic in your virtual Circle this month, read one or more of the pieces below, then discuss as a group using our suggested questions at the end.

Understanding the impact of job loss during the pandemic on women

Millions of people around the world have lost their job during the pandemic—and vulnerable groups are the hardest hit. Women, especially women of color, were already facing an uneven playing field in the workplace, and are now being laid off and furloughed at higher rates than men.

Job loss exacerbates existing inequalities. For women who are single mothers, lower-income, or small business owners, losing your job or your income can be particularly devastating. Plus, the career and financial consequences are more severe and long-lasting for women than men.

Building resilience after job loss

Research shows that building resilience can help mitigate the mental anguish that can come with job loss. The resources below give research-backed advice on how best to heal and find strength.

Navigating the job market

Preparing for a virtual job hunt can be a new or challenging task. From broadening your job search to translating networking or interviewing skills virtually, here are some practical resources to help you adapt, get organized, and dive into the job market.

Discussion questions for virtual Circles

These questions are designed to help you and your Circle members connect over common challenges, share your best strategies to overcome them, and workshop solutions together.

Pick one question to start with and move on to the other questions if you have time.

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