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For Men to Lean In at Home, Women Need to Lean Back

As more men take the lead at home—and more women given them the freedom to do so—everyone will benefit.

10 Tips for Female CS&E Grads

The transition from college to career is challenging — and for many female CS&E grads it can feel daunting.

Own It – 5 Ways to Use Motherhood to Reimagine Your Career.

Being a mom presents a host of new challenges – as well as opportunities to reassess your career priorities.

Meet the Co-founder of Lean In DC

Learn how Sruti Ramadugu grew Lean In DC from a small circle into one of Lean In's largest regional chapters.

When All You Feel is Guilt: A Letter to New Working Moms

From one working mom to another: "I want you to know that I know how it feels."

Why I Changed My Mind About Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

"She is the reason I went to work, and the reason I didn’t want to."

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Barnard President: Today's 'Wonder Women' Must Reframe Feminism

Debora Spar's new book, "Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection," discusses the misinterpretation of feminism by a younger generation and callsl for a new feminist agenda.

Pioneer Billie Jean King Moved The Baseline For Women's Tennis

Forty years ago today, Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in one of the most watched tennis matches in history. She talks about what it was like to be a female tennis player at that time and what's changed today.

8 Ways to Make a Movie About a Female Superhero Happen

Some people are saying a woman can't star in a superhero movie. But a good superheroine movie is necessary and doable. Here are eight ways to make a movie about a female superhero movie happen.

Madison women forming 'Lean In' circles to offer career support

Women in Madison, WI are forming Lean In circles to offer support to each other as they progress in their careers.

Congo's Superhero Moms

An American mother travels to a Congolese refugee camps to speak with mothers there about their hopes and dreams for their children and their war-torn country.

Lean In Stories

My life did not begin under perfect circumstances, but I had a family who believed I could persevere. I am blessed to know I can be that positive voice and source of support for others.

Read Ty-Licia’s Story

I’m a firm believer that action can solve so many worries, and just powering through, no matter what, can give you the confidence you need when you feel like you’ve got nothing to offer.

Read Reese’s Story

If there is a single trait that all Afghan women share, it’s determination. Put another way, we lean in.

Read Shireen’s Story

Training beside me was a huge shock for many of these young alpha males. Here was a 37-year-old mother of two doing as well or better than almost all of them.

Read Major Jaster’s Story