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Kentucky Leans In

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Our mission is to support the Lean In Circles in Kentucky by sharing ideas, resources, education and professional experience.

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Lean In Networks are a great way to join the community and start to get involved. Through a Network you can meet new people and learn about new personal and professional growth opportunities.

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3 Circles in our Network

Recommended by LeanIn.Org
in Louisville

Lean In Louisville

We are a group of hard-working, goal-oriented women who love to lean in from Louisville, Kentucky. We meet onc...

103 members
Recommended by LeanIn.Org
in Louisville

Lean In Louisville

Join Lean In Louisville to surround yourself with allies who want to see you succeed. We offer tools and tips ...

1 member
in Harrodsburg

Wilderness Trace Leans In

Our mission is to support women and girls in the Wilderness Trace area of Kentucky by: 1. Providing a foundati...

13 members