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The Women’s Leadership Forum supports the advancement of athenahealth ’s ability to unleash it’s collective potential to transform healthcare, by building a world-class, inclusive working environment. We will elevate our collective potential and performan...

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Former People Managers Transitioning to Individual Contributor Roles

This circle is for women who have previously been in people manager roles and have transitioned to Individual ...


Lost in Translation: Language in the Workplace

This group will bring together those of us who speak multiple languages and/or dialects of English outside of ...


Unlocking Executive Presence

This circle is for individuals looking to grow into the next level of leadership and communicate like a leader...


Early career women

This group is geared toward early career women (less than ~8 years cumulative work experience) looking to shar...


Remote Women Growing Careers

This group is geared toward women who are fully remote (even when not in a pandemic) and are looking for a sis...


Embracing Change and becoming more You

This circle will be for anyone looking to discuss the changes we are all experiencing both at work and in life...


Women In Product

A network of current and aspiring Product Managers who can lean on each other for real-talk advice, latest inn...


Getting out of your own way

This circle is for those who want to overcome personal or professional adversities that hinder us from progres...

athenahealth in Watertown

Feminism in the Workplace

For those who are < 7yrs into career. Main focus: building connection & discussion of women in the workplace, ...


Power Circle: Emerging Female Leadership

Our group is focused on helping you navigate to become the CEO of your career, opening up discussion on key de...


Leaders of People Leaders

This circle is for leaders of other people leaders who strive to lead by example, share best leadership practi...


Mental Health - It Matters

For anyone navigating the balancing act of work and mental health. This is a platform to discuss mental health...

athenahealth in San Jose

Early Career BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) athenistas

This group is geared towards early career BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) athenistas. BIPOC fac...


athenistas becoming anti-racists

This group will help interested athenistas build their anti-racist skillset and confidence. This work can be h...

athenahealth in Watertown

Problem Solving: Pro and Reactive

Join to discuss the methods and mindset for proactive (planned) problem solving (such as innovations, aspirati...

athenahealth in Watertown

Managing Conflict

Coming up with creative ways to ensure that we are respecting everyone's opinions when conflicts come up. Addr...

athenahealth in Austin

Bringing your true self to work

This group will be focusing on how to be comfortable bringing your whole self to work and what that means in r...

athenahealth in San Jose

Early Career People Managers

This circle is for individuals who are early career people managers and have a special interest in the buildin...

athenahealth in San Jose

Burnt Dinner & Spilt Wine

This group is open to open to those who excel while making mistakes. Those who are ready to laugh, cry, lift e...