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Richa Grover
Taking Risks

A woman leaves India to work abroad, keeping home close to her heart.

Richa Grover Child Rights Social Worker
Brad Meltzer

An author writes a children's book series to show his kids what heroism is really about.

Brad Meltzer Writer
Tiffany Dufu
Mentors & Role Models

An early lesson provides a lifelong path for a courageous young woman.

Tiffany Dufu Advocate
Teraya White

A woman strives to find teachers who will change students' lives the way her own teacher changed hers.

Teraya White Talent Management
Rena Wang
Story - Stage of Life

A college student writes about the importance of mentorship and how she decided to help create opportunities for women at her school.

Rena Wang Student
Emily Nemens
Taking Risks

Emily Nemens on why she leaned into a job at The Southern Review

Emily Nemens Writer & Editor
Steve Howe
Story - Stage of Life

Outstanding women performers often want to trust the system — but they also have to stand up for themselves.

Steve Howe Managing Partner
Jeanne Reidy
Story - Stage of Life

A driven woman writes about how her mother inspired her, and how she hopes to do the same for others through her work at Lean In.

Jeanne Reidy Lean In, Operations
Carissa Kapcar
Mentors & Role Models

A young mom splits from the path she envisioned and finds another, equally rewarding one.

Carissa Kapcar Mother & Blogger
Christina Carrdellio
Mentors & Role Models

A shy child grows into a confident and successful woman.

Christina Carrdellio Outbound Business Representative
Jack Myers
Taking Risks

How, I asked myself, could I support this generation? What could I, as a 60+ year-old male do?

Jack Myers Media Ecologist
Sharon Poczter

A daughter writes an emotional letter to her forward-thinking mother.

Sharon Poczter Assistant Professor

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