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All-in-one Meeting Guide

Centered Leadership Part 1: Meaning


The Centered Leadership model will help you lead with impact, resilience, and fulfillment at work and in your life. There are five parts to Centered Leadership: Meaning, Framing, Connecting, Engaging, and Energizing. Watch “Introduction to Centered Leadership”.

Meaning, the focus of this meeting, is the anchor. It concentrates on strengths and purpose—drivers of long-lasting fulfillment.

Meeting Goals

  • Uncover your strengths
  • Develop strategies for actively living into those strengths

Pre-Meeting Prep

Meeting Agenda

120 min (based on 10-member group size)

  • 1


    20 min

    Warm up, catch up, and get going

  • 2

    Activity 1: Key Takeaways

    5 min

    Review the core concepts of the “Meaning” video

  • 3

    Activity 2: Personal Leadership Inventory

    20 min

    Identify the characteristics of a favorite leader to gain insight into your own strengths

  • 4

    Activity 3: Strengths Awareness

    30 min

    Reflect on activities that energized you as a child, teenager, and adult to gain more insight into your strengths

  • 5

    Activity 4: Future Possibilities

    20 min

    Visualize yourself in ten years energized and fulfilled— and the steps you took to get there

  • 6

    One Action

    15 min

    The little push you need to go for it

  • 7


    10 min

    What’s next and a few final words

Portrait of Joanna Barsh

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Joanna Barsh, director emeritus of McKinsey & Company and author of Centered Leadership and How Remarkable Women Lead.