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The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta

Dare Boldly: Your Authentic Self

This Circle is for any individual who wants to Dare Boldly and grow in their personal power and self-expressio...

7 members
The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta

Coke Women in IT

I invite all Coca-Cola IT Associates to join this lean In Circle to support, learn from, inspire and elevate e...

5 members
The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta

Coke Pro Moms

This circle is for Moms that work at Coke and are interested in topics both about their professional life and ...

14 members
in Atlanta

In Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Let’s take away the mystery of achieving financial freedom by utilizing principals learned in David Bach’s bes...

5 members
The Coca-Cola Company in San Jose

Bay Area Young Professionals

Bay Area Young Professionals of the Coca-Cola Company get together to learn, grow, encourage and have fun with...

6 members
The Coca-Cola Company in Minneapolis

How to Find Your Voice

I know so many amazing professionals who often tell me that speaking up at work is a challenge. It’s not that ...

6 members
The Coca-Cola Company in Hanover


Based on the Themes presented in Arianna Huffington's book - this group will focus on redefining success and c...

20 members
The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is both a leadership philosophy and set of leadership practices. Traditional leadership gen...

8 members
in Atlanta

Coca Cola Young Professionals

A place for young professionals to connect at Coca-Cola.

25 members
in Atlanta

Leaning In to Chapter Two

This group is for professionals who are beginning or "leaning in " to Chapter Two of their professional career...

9 members