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We aim to connect the extraordinary women of Singapore, to encourage each other to Lean In and to provide encouragement and support on our journey towards reaching our professional & personal goals.

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Ambitious Entrepreneurs SG circle profile page.

Ambitious Entrepreneurs SG

We are ambitious entrepreneurs in Singapore. We are on a shared journey of self discovery and self mastery. We...

11 members
L3Hub (Live,Learn,Laugh) circle profile page.

L3Hub (Live,Learn,Laugh)

Space for girls and women who love a dash of Confidence, Acceptance, Love, Independence, Beauty, Respect and E...

16 members
Market Research Singapore circle profile page.

Market Research Singapore

This circle is to connect people from the market research industry in Singapore and support each other to grow...

26 members
Nonprofit Singapore circle profile page.

Nonprofit Singapore

An opportunity for women in the nonprofit/NGO/international development sector to connect in Singapore. Goals ...

91 members
R.E.A.L Leadership circle profile page.
in Singapore

R.E.A.L Leadership

The approach to leadership, based on self-awareness and authenticity, is widely considered the gold standard i...

43 members
Women in Nonprofit circle profile page.

Women in Nonprofit

This group is intended to create inclusive spaces of support and learning for women in Non-Profit, community o...

18 members
SETUP circle profile page.


SETUP circle

4 members
W.E.@ Red Dot circle profile page.

W.E.@ Red Dot

'W.E.’ aims to provide networking opportunities to women who are: • Actively considering to come back to pro...

6 members
Wen Wu circle profile page.

Wen Wu

Wen Wu is Mandarin for 'Scholar Warrior'. As graduates of INSEAD GEMBA/TIEMBA14 we are culturally diverse (Sin...

10 members
Early Career Singapore circle profile page.

Early Career Singapore

[We're currently not accepting new members. Our next application cycle will be in December 2018] Join our Ear...

18 members
The Women of HR circle profile page.

The Women of HR

Women in HR is dedicated to the needs of HR women-leaders who are looking to develop professionally and person...

104 members
SheSays circle profile page.


-Initiated by students, run by students -Aspire to be home to students who have the will to advocate for more...

4 members
Market Access - APAC circle profile page.

Market Access - APAC

Market access is an integral part of a government affairs expert. This group aims to connect public affairs pr...

6 members
So You Wanna Do Film? circle profile page.

So You Wanna Do Film?

SO YOU WANNA DO FILM? ; is a platform that advocates interactive activities, that caters to anyone of any age ...

6 members
Digital Ladies circle profile page.

Digital Ladies

This circle enables females who work in digital media industry to meet and share your own personal stories on:...

23 members
SheSales circle profile page.


Lean In is a nonprofit organization and online community dedicated to helping all women achieve their ambition...

17 members
Social Selling SG circle profile page.

Social Selling SG

For women involved into social transformation, social and digital selling programs.

2 members
Tech Product Management circle profile page.

Tech Product Management

Are you interested in product management of tech products? We'll use this circle to learn more about the proce...

24 members
Agilent Singapore circle profile page.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Agilent Singapore

Inspire, support and nurture Agilent female leaders of today and for the future

6 members
2017_Singapore_MarioTraeber circle profile page.
Intel Corporation


This is the Lean-In Circle for Mario's Singapore Mentorship PIF Circle

5 members
Creating Life circle profile page.

Creating Life

You Can Create Your Life embrace New Thoughts and cutting-edge learning and teaching designed to empower you t...

2 members
Artificial Intelligence Singapore circle profile page.

Artificial Intelligence Singapore

A circle for professionals and enthusiasts in the different areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to come toge...

209 members
SGWMaM circle profile page.


This group is for women in Singapore involved in media and marketing across all industries looking to connect,...

22 members
Vodafone AsiaPac circle profile page.
Vodafone Group Plc

Vodafone AsiaPac

Associate Circle for Vodafone women in Enterprise for the AsiaPac region.

11 members
Singapore FinTech Women circle profile page.

Singapore FinTech Women

Breaking barriers across various organizations to bring together the female FinTech enthusiasts to network , ...

19 members
Founder / Co-Founder circle profile page.

Founder / Co-Founder

Creating this circle to network with fellow entrepreneurs so that we can learn from one another!

1 member
Women in Government SG circle profile page.

Women in Government SG

This circle is for women employed by the Government, Statutory Boards or Government Linked Companies to share ...

8 members
FlyEagles circle profile page.


Are you always in closed-door meetings after meetings or been "enclosed in cubicles?" You've been dreaming o...

28 members
INSEAD manbassador circle profile page.
INSEAD: Asia Campus

INSEAD manbassador

Gender imbalance and the resultant experience of women in business and society have consequences for both orga...

5 members
Conscious women in leadership circle profile page.

Conscious women in leadership

This circle is for women who are stepping into their own power and are on a journey to become more conscious, ...

90 members
Fullerton Health Women circle profile page.
SC Sanitas Holdings Limited

Fullerton Health Women

Fullerton Health Women's Initiative

1 member
BHP circle profile page.


We aim to provide a supportive environment for women to learn from each other’s experiences and encourage one ...

1 member
Personna Asia circle profile page.
PERSONNA leadership development

Personna Asia

We are all superheroes. We work super hard, we deserve to be given the opportunity to do something bigger, and...

17 members
Women for Mental Health circle profile page.

Women for Mental Health

Women for Mental Health is set up as a platform and opportunity for women with a vested interest in mental hea...

1 member
Aspire circle profile page.
Roche Holding AG


A Roche Singapore Women's Network aimed at helping women to aspire and reach their potential and in turn, insp...

37 members
Lean In Fintech SG circle profile page.

Lean In Fintech SG

The mission of Lean In community is to empower women to achieve their ambitions. Since its launch in March 201...

234 members
It's your turn to speak! circle profile page.

It's your turn to speak!

Share your experience and tips on presentation skills and public speaking with us! We will also host regular m...

23 members
Women in Cloud circle profile page.

Women in Cloud

Women in Cloud (Singapore) is a vibrant community of cloud enthusiasts, who aim to facilitate and nurture idea...

6 members
Women in Blockchain SG circle profile page.

Women in Blockchain SG

Women In Blockchain Singapore aims to inspire and support talented women to consider a future in the field of ...

18 members
energy-future circle profile page.


We envision a community of energy professionals to develop better energy solutions for the future generation. ...

11 members
Lean In Singapore circle profile page.

Lean In Singapore

Ladies from SIngapore looking to lean in on one another!

4 members
Wiley Singapore Lean In Circle #1 circle profile page.

Wiley Singapore Lean In Circle #1

Lean In Circles in Wiley Singapore office

5 members
Nüwa-artists circle profile page.


Nüwa is a professional network for artists of all genres, and professionals wishing to connect to artists in S...

1 member
communityvolunteering circle profile page.


If you don't know where to start with giving back to the community you live in, here's your start! Be it gende...

7 members
Asia professionals circle profile page.

Asia professionals

Supporting women in Asia - HK, Sg, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. Let our generation be the change, wher...

202 members
Lean In Leadership in Asia circle profile page.

Lean In Leadership in Asia

We invite Singapore-based leaders to join us in this Circle. We believe that there is a gap in bringing divers...

66 members
Shopee circle profile page.


A community for Shopee women to help support one another and to encourage one another to achieve our professio...

10 members
Women in Law SG circle profile page.

Women in Law SG

Our Circle is a diverse group of female lawyers engaged in law firms, corporations, and entrepreneurial pursui...

32 members
HeForShe Singapore circle profile page.

HeForShe Singapore

#HeForShe Singapore believes it is our responsibility to help create an environment that enables women to “#Le...

250 members
Your Wolfpack circle profile page.

Your Wolfpack

We are the unapologetically wild. We are the pathfinders of our own lives, guided by our instincts, our ideals...

30 members
Corporate Ladies circle profile page.

Corporate Ladies

This is a circle for corporate women and ladies who wish to learn from each other in their career aspirations,...

8 members
SGWiT circle profile page.


SGWiT stands for Singapore's Women in Technology. Our group is open to all women working or interested in ...

20 members
SGPineapples circle profile page.


We are diverse group of women who believe in empowering each other to promote confidence personally and profes...

13 members
Leaders in Media, Content & Comms circle profile page.

Leaders in Media, Content & Comms

A circle for senior leaders and bright sparks of the future in the TV, Print, VR/AR and Digital Media fields, ...

44 members
Quality Management and PMO circle profile page.

Quality Management and PMO

Dear Lean In members! Warmest Greetings to you all in this festive season! As the year 2017 comes to an end,...

17 members circle profile page.

WoW – Women of Wisdom We are a group of women blessed with wisdom, gathered through our years of experience in...

11 members
#NoFear circle profile page.


"The fears we don't face become our limits" - Robin Sharma. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being liked. Fea...

5 members
Creative Leadership circle profile page.

Creative Leadership

Looking to bring together women in creative fields who are "leaning in" to leadership positions, furthering th...

1 member
Riders of SG circle profile page.

Riders of SG

We're peer women professionals looking to discover and realize our true North, inspired by JRR Tolkien's 'Ride...

9 members
Singapore Female Founders circle profile page.

Singapore Female Founders

A peer group of Singapore-based Female Founders

73 members
#HeforShe-SG circle profile page.


#HeforShe-SG is the community of like-minded male professionals who support the global #HeforShe movemement an...

3 members
Design SG circle profile page.

Design SG

Lean In is a nonprofit organization and online community dedicated to helping all women achieve their ambition...

162 members
Women In Business Sg circle profile page.

Women In Business Sg

The circle aims to connect Women in Business based in Singapore. A place to share and learn, for us to grow to...

125 members
Future-Ready Leaders circle profile page.

Future-Ready Leaders

Pay it forward! - "Future-Ready Leaders" envisions empowering the next-generation. If you aspire to mentor, sp...

13 members
Women in Tech SG circle profile page.

Women in Tech SG

Lean In is a nonprofit organization and online community dedicated to helping all women achieve their ambition...

922 members
Women in Cybersecurity Singapore circle profile page.

Women in Cybersecurity Singapore

Women In Cybersecurity Singapore aims to inspire and support women to consider a future in the cybersecurity f...

7 members
Women in Life Sciences/Healthcare circle profile page.

Women in Life Sciences/Healthcare

Women in Life Sciences/Healthcare Singapore is set up to empower, inspire and support professional women in th...

150 members
Construction Industry circle profile page.

Construction Industry

This Circle is not only for Civil and Construction Engineers but also for any type of professional who is in o...

2 members
Women in Marketing circle profile page.

Women in Marketing

Women in Marketing aims to connect and inspire the extraordinary, talented women who work (and consider a futu...

20 members
Storytellers circle profile page.


This circle is for creative and innovative women who tell stories; to entertain, to inform, or to inspire. We ...

10 members
Digital Signatures circle profile page.
eMudhra Limited

Digital Signatures

Go Completely Paperless The Easiest, Fastest and most Secure way to get documents signed Anywhere. Anytime S...

2 members
Gen Y's circle profile page.

Gen Y's

This is a test circle

1 member
Women in Life Transition circle profile page.

Women in Life Transition

To build a community of working single moms, holding space for each other without judgements and to support ea...

1 member
#STEPUP circle profile page.
Standard Chartered PLC


#STEPUP - SMART Training and Execution Programme to Unleash your Potential. The objective is to create a net...

17 members
Inspire the future circle profile page.

Inspire the future

As a dad, I want to see my daughter succeed. I'm hoping to connect with men and women who want to build a bett...

1 member
AuroraSingapore circle profile page.


Enabling accelerated impact in terms of sustainable development - through technology, business and leadership....

2 members
B-the-CHANGE circle profile page.


This is for people leaders and people who aspire to be people leaders who are passionate about driving the cha...

1 member
Young Creatives circle profile page.

Young Creatives

If you're less than 5 years into your career and working in content, media, art, advertising or communications...

1 member
Relaunch or Pivot SG circle profile page.
in Singapore

Relaunch or Pivot SG

Relaunching your career? This often involves pivoting/ switching to a new industry or function. We are here to...

30 members
Women in Supply Chain circle profile page.

Women in Supply Chain

A chapter for women in supply chain including logistics, transportation and new technologies in supply chain -...

7 members
Dimension Data Asia Pacific circle profile page.
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

Dimension Data Asia Pacific

This Lean In Chapter is created for Dimension Data employees. Our objective is to encourage and support both w...

6 members
SCBPheonix circle profile page.
Standard Chartered PLC


To connect and support women who want to fly high like the Phoenix

8 members
MarcomSG circle profile page.


This circle is meant to be a haven for all women working in/passionate about marketing and comms, to discuss a...

6 members
Diversity Unity circle profile page.
in Singapore

Diversity Unity

Diversity of different backgrounds creates different perspectives and ideas. Unity as one team generates the s...

9 members
WIFI circle profile page.


Women in Fashion/ Retail/Ecommerce Industry.....!! A group that will help all women in the fashion and lifesty...

10 members
Women in SaaS Startups circle profile page.
in Singapore

Women in SaaS Startups

This circle is for women who work in Startups in any capacity who need the encouragement to move ahead in the ...

8 members
Lean In SG Cyber Security circle profile page.
in Singapore

Lean In SG Cyber Security

This is a circle for woman in Singapore working, studying or interested in cyber security. This group is all a...

3 members
Lean In Global Aspirations circle profile page.
in Singapore

Lean In Global Aspirations

This is a Circle for women with international experience to connect & inspire one another. Whether you have st...

5 members
Singapore Women in IHG circle profile page.
InterContinental Hotels Group plc in Singapore

Singapore Women in IHG

This circle is for women in IHG hotels in Singapore who can help and support each other to become more empower...

17 members
Women for women in Singapore circle profile page.
in Singapore

Women for women in Singapore

Women seeking for friendship, networking, advice and etc. All age group are welcomed. The more the merrier. To...

8 members