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We aim to boost women's self-confidence, to empower all the women in many stages, and for everyone to be aware of unconscious biases through our Bi-weekly event and Monthly guest speaker event.

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Bain & Company, Inc. in Tokyo

Bain Tokyo

Hi fellow Bainies in Tokyo, I founded this informal circle so we can start doing workshops using Lean In ma...

3 members
Reckitt Benckiser Group in Shinagawa



15 members
in Tokyo

LeanIn Japan Entrepreneurs

I've been running a successful LeanIn circle since 2014 focused on women in corporate jobs. Now I'm an entre...

17 members
in 東京都

Lean in Students

Lean In Students This is a community for those who want to make our society that women can pursue their ambi...

1 member
in Tokyo


== What is THEY? == This is a LEAN IN circle for the woman located in Japan who has experienced working or st...

10 members
in Tokyo

Lean In Tokyo BM

Lean In Tokyo BMはLean In Tokyo Chapterの一部として活動しています。 リーンインの核となる考え方「ピアサポート(お互いを支え合うこと)」を実現するため隔週で女性限定のミートアップやラ...

2 members
in Tokyo

Lean In Tokyo: Men for Women

Lean Inをフォローして頂いている男性のみなさん、「自分もLean Inの活動をもっと知りたい・関わりたいけど、どこからどう始めればいいか分からない!」、「そもそも@Lean In Tokyoに男性は参画できるの?」...

11 members
in Tokyo

LeanIn Tokyo: Girls on fire

Members are mainly non-Japanese residents in mid-career positions across various industries and functions with...

13 members
in Tokyo

Tokyo Young Professional Women

This is a communal group of young female professionals living in Japan, and the group members gather from a va...

9 members
in 福岡市

Lean In Fukuoka JAPAN

Lean In Fukuokaでは、Lean Inと同じ理念である 「女性が自由に野心を持って、挑戦することができる社会の実現」を目指して活動しています。 Facebook COO シェリル・サンドバーグ氏による...

1 member
in 東京都


We work at same company and try to lean in together.

1 member
in 名古屋市

Lean In Nagoya

Lean Inサークルの日本代表であるLean In Tokyoの姉妹サークルとして、日本の三大主都市の1つである名古屋市で、女性が一歩踏み出し活躍できる社会づくりに貢献できるよう活動をしています。

1 member
in Tokyo

LeanIn Tokyo

Lean In Tokyoでは、Lean Inと同じ理念である 「女性が自由に野心を持って、挑戦することができる社会の実現」を目指して活動しています。 Facebook COO シェリル・サンドバーグ氏による著書 ...

450 members
in 上田市

Lean in Nagano

Lean in Nagano will empower women and girls, facilitate women's leadership and achieve progress towards gender...

1 member
in 札幌市


Lean in HOKKAIDO This is a community fo these who want to make our society that women can pursue their ambitio...

1 member