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North Rhine-Westphalia

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Bringt die existierende sowie zükunftige Lean In Circle's in NRW für besondere anläße zusammen. Da wir zusammen besser sind! The NRW Lean In Chapter exists to connect the current (and future) circles of NRW for special events and other things worth sharin...

1 Network Leader, 970 Members

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Lean In Networks are a great way to join the community and start to get involved. Through a Network you can meet new people and learn about new personal and professional growth opportunities.

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25 Circles in our Network

Düsseldorf circle profile page.
in Düsseldorf


Our circle exists to support, inspire and grow ourselves and each other. Our Circle is a safe, appreciative an...

203 members
Bonn circle profile page.
in Bonn


184 members
Cologne circle profile page.
in Cologne


Lean In Köln Wir treffen einmal im Monat immer in der 2ten Wochen, auf eventbrite findet ihr immer die aktuel...

97 members
Max Planck Institute Dortmund circle profile page.
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology in Dortmund

Max Planck Institute Dortmund

We are here to help and mentor female scientist to pursue the career of their choice

2 members
Women in startup circle profile page.
in Cologne

Women in startup

I want to create this circle to enable sharing and mutual support among women, who either has her own business...

1 member
Lean In METRO Düsseldorf circle profile page.
Metro Group in Düsseldorf

Lean In METRO Düsseldorf

This circle is a community for young and mid-career professionals of METRO to learn, grow, encourage and help ...

5 members
Lean In @ GEA circle profile page.
GEA Group AG in Düsseldorf

Lean In @ GEA

This is a circle for women at GEA who want to support other women and get support in their personal and profes...

2 members
Lean In Neuss circle profile page.

Lean In Neuss

This is a Circle for women who want to support each other.

2 members
Cologne United Women in Media circle profile page.
BBC in Cologne

Cologne United Women in Media

This is a Circle for Women in Media based in Cologne who want to build a strong network to empower and inspire...

10 members
Essen Lean In Women circle profile page.
E.ON in Essen

Essen Lean In Women

This is a Circle for women in the energy industry located in Essen.

7 members
Lean In Circle - CHEP Germany circle profile page.
CHEP Deutschland GmbH in Köln

Lean In Circle - CHEP Germany

We meet every month to learn new skills, network and encourage each other in order to build skills. We use thi...

12 members
Mentoring & Advising Graduates circle profile page.
in Düsseldorf

Mentoring & Advising Graduates

This Circle invites ambitious Graduates and Professionals in Germany to meet and exchange career-related tipps...

26 members
ICF Certified Women Coaches circle profile page.

ICF Certified Women Coaches

This is a Circle to connect with ICF certified coaches or who would like to become ICF certified coaches to ex...

Parents & Career circle profile page.
Metro Group in Düsseldorf

Parents & Career

This is a circle for working parents in METRO to support, empower, and help each other thrive in our professio...

9 members
Düsseldorf Start circle profile page.
in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf Start

LeanIn 'Start' wird Dich unterstützen Ideen, die in Dir brodeln, Realität werden zulassen. Egal was es ist - K...

63 members
Lean In Ruhrgebiet circle profile page.
in Bochum

Lean In Ruhrgebiet

This is a circle for women wanting to be successful both in career and personal life. If you're looking for su...

15 members
Muenster circle profile page.
in Münster


Lean In in Münster - Mitstreiterinnen gesucht

4 members
Women in Startups & Management circle profile page.

Women in Startups & Management

A Circle for women in business development, sales, startups or management positions of all sorts of industries...

1 member
LeanIn Paderborn circle profile page.
in Paderborn

LeanIn Paderborn

This is a circle focusing on bringing together open and ambitious women from OWL to discuss career topics.

1 member
Lean In Lippstadt circle profile page.
in Lippstadt

Lean In Lippstadt

Grow skills and exchange experiences

2 members
Helping each other thrive - Köln circle profile page.
in Cologne

Helping each other thrive - Köln

Hi! This is a very mixed circle to develop new skills, have some peer coaching and help define our careers nex...

Women with dreams circle profile page.
in Bonn

Women with dreams

This circle is for women of all ages who have either lost their path, are finding their path or who just need ...

1 member
BuyIn circle profile page.
BuyIn GmbH in Bonn


This cirlce is meant to empower women in BuyIn GmbH!

1 member
Lean In PhD circle circle profile page.
UKB University of Bonn in Bonn

Lean In PhD circle

This circle is for women perusing a PhD in science at the University hospital Bonn

1 member
Bonninternational circle profile page.
in Bonn


Exchange on gender items in English in the Bonn area in Germany. All interested participants are welcome, of c...

2 members