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This network is run by Veterans

Lean In Women Veterans

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We are women veterans from all branches of the military.

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25 Circles in our Network

South Carolina Circle for Women Ve

A circle were women veterans can talk about their experiences and help with resources and information that can...

1 member
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in St. Louis

Combat Boots High Heels

Combat Boots and High Heels Lean In Veterans Circle is the latest edition to the CBHH network! We are a nonpro...

7 members
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Grizzly Women

Gender: Female Only Status: Reserves Description: Women of the CA ANG Grizzlies

17 members
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in Houston

Lean In Houston

This circle supports military veterans from all branches of service in the Houston area. We are a part of the ...

10 members
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LIWV Virtual Leaders

Leadership of the beta virtual circle for the Lean In Women Veterans project.

8 members
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Gender: Female Only Status: Civilian Description: Lean In Circle for state appointed women veterans coordinato...

1 member
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in Billings

Montana Women Veterans

Gender: Female Only Status: Civilian Description: Would like to create a connection of women veterans in Monta...

4 members
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in Quantico


Gender: Co-Ed Status: Civilian Description: We work together to learn and grow from one another. While women v...

2 members
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Virtual Circle #1

This is the first virtual circle in the Lean In Women Veterans Chapter.

11 members
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VA Benefits and Services

This circle's goal is to share information on successfully filing for veteran benefits. Ask questions and shar...

41 members
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in Miami

Post Deployment Navigators

Post Deployment Navigators would be a circle where female veterans can share concerns and reach out to each ot...

1 member
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in Rapid City


Gender: all Status: just willing to participate and be a part of the group. Description: an online group here ...

2 members
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Wisconsin Women Veterans

We support Wisconsin women veterans from all branches of service. We want to connect women veterans of all age...

8 members

Lean In to Break the Silence

This circle is for women who have suffered from any form of abuse whether it be physical mental, emotional, or...

1 member
in Syracuse

Syracuse Female Veterans

Circle for Female Veterans AND any women looking for support, inspiration and success! Empowered women, Empowe...

1 member
in Moreno Valley


This is a circle of women where we build each other up and teach empowerment skills to help each other become ...

1 member
in Tacoma

Lean In Tacoma

Lean In circle for women in Tacoma, Washington. Circle goals to be developed as this team membership is solidi...

7 members
in Charleston

Women Veterans of US Military

This circle is for women veterans (and Active Duty) of the US Military in the Charleston, SC area.

1 member
J & B Resources in Groves

J&B Resources

This is a circle for women 35 and older with ideas on support services and connections.

1 member

Women Promote Women

Build a strong network of women who understand the importance of using our knowledge and skills to support eac...

1 member

Fibroids to Freedom for Women

At least 70% of American women are diagnosed with fibroids by the age of 50. Yet very few recognize that it's ...

1 member

Military Moms & Civilian Daughters

Military moms are those that serve in untraditional and unusual conditions under the Armed Forces of America. ...

3 members
in Las Vegas

Eua women in finances

At any time the American people and the world wait for the corona19 vaccine for humanity this happy I will wor...

1 member
in Liberty Lake

Veterans & Military Caregivers

in Liberty Lake

Eliminate Veteran Suicide