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Lean In Women in Tech India (WiTI) is a national movement to advance and empower women in technology to achieve success and equal representation in the technology sector. Our mission is to provide a platform for women to explore opportunities in technology and leadership roles as well as foster an inclusive corporate environment to make a significant contribution towards the advancement in technology.

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in Kolkata

Kolkata main

Meet other career oriented women professional, build a support network

46 members
Walmart Labs in Bengaluru


Circle for WOW at Walmartlabs

2 members
in Bengaluru

Women leaders of Sarjapur Road

We aim to facilitate women leaders located in and around Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, to meet and share professio...

72 members


TeenIn Circle is about empowering teenagers. The idea behind TeenIn is to help teenagers grow into empowered...

10 members
Informatica in Bengaluru

Lean In Informatica

Lean In Together - Women and men at Informatica.

1 member
in Jaipur


We are girls that make others step their game up. We all code together to bring change to society. So we focus...

17 members

Female Stem Scholars

A network of faculty, graduate students and staff supporting the success of female STEM scientists.

101 members
in Bengaluru


Together we will make a difference!! This group is for women who want to move up the ladder in their work pl...

30 members
in Bengaluru


MyBoTree aims to bring together women professionals from across Bengaluru by building a solid community who sh...

24 members
in Coimbatore

Lean in Coimbatore

Here's to inspirational and empowered women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them.

12 members
in Surat


Lean In Surat Lean In Surat was founded in 2018 . It is committed to encouraging women in the community ...

15 members

Women in Information Technology

This Lean In group " WinIT" is for women in IT and related fields to connect, share experiences, and support e...

39 members
in Bengaluru


Hello tech geeks , introverts , ambiverts , extroverts , join me to make this circle awesome :)

52 members
HP Inc. in Bengaluru

Band of hope

Create an environment for sharing, supporting, learning and thriving without being judged!!

7 members
Allstate Solutions Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru


Lean in circle at Allstate India, to inspire and get inspired!

22 members
in Bengaluru

Women In Tech India

Women In Tech India circle is part of the chapter Women In Tech India. The mission is to promote the ambitiou...

700 members