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Our mission

Empowering and enabling women first become their most awe inspiring selves, then help others achieve the same

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About Lean In UK Network Our Network exist to share tips to help members ready to 'lean in' and achieve their most audacious ambitions. We are the largest and oldest Chapter in the UK with over 65 Circles and 3,000 women active on- and off-line. History: ...

1 Network Leader, 3602 Members

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Lean In Networks are a great way to join the community and start to get involved. Through a Network you can meet new people and learn about new personal and professional growth opportunities.

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67 Circles in our Network

in London

Women in IT

The Women in IT circle is a forum for all Women to discuss, support and encourage each other. Whether you are ...

200 members
in London


Be the best version of You!

9 members
in Swindon

Lean In Swindon

Do you crave a supportive environment to share your career ideas and problems? The goal of the Swindon Lean In...

43 members
in London

Lean In(tern)

Peer to peer mentoring for graduates because ambitious women empower each other

4 members
in London

Financial Services Professionals

Bringing together peers in financial services professions to support and empower each other.

14 members
RSA Insurance Group in London

RSA Gender Agenda

Aiming to bring together people within RSA to discuss, share and learn from each other.

30 members
in London

Digital Marketing

Advice, guidance and tips to help you establish your business online. Regular support for other business owner...

115 members
in London

NW London

We are a small group just getting started. I am currently on maternity leave, so we currently do not meet. The...

5 members
in London

London Legal Ladies

CIRCLE GOALS: • Learn how to put in minimal effort with maximum impact/results in career progression all while...

8 members


We are one of the largest Lean In circles in the UK with a membership of 700+ and growing. We welcome everyone...

773 members
in Birmingham

Stilettos Network

We want to create a space where people can make friends and/or career business connections and drive the conve...

112 members
in London


A group for those at the Bar practising in London though all practitioners are welcome. Diverse views as to th...

57 members

Precious Crafts

We are making change by empowering unemployed youth and uplifting them through arts and crafts skills developm...

4 members
in London

Women In Banking & Finance

Promoting gender equality in banking and finance industry.

61 members
Sony Entertainment, Inc. in London

Women in PlayStation

Providing an open platform for women within PlayStation, for discussion, networking, socialising, support and ...

17 members
Enterprise Holdings in London

Enterprise Holdings Europe

Enterprise Holdings Circle - Team Europe Leadership Team Advisor/Sponsor: Leigh Lefever-Ayer Chapter Leader: J...

29 members
Wiley in Chichester

Steering Group

The role of the steering group will be: 1. To actively be an advocate for Lean In in Chichester 2. To ensure t...

9 members
in London Borough of Hackney

Leading in the NHS

I would like to start a group for supporting, encouraging and inspiring individuals who are leaders or startin...

73 members
Moorfields Eye Hospital in London


Lean In circle for women in mid, senior and aspiring corporate and clinical leads in eye healthcare

1 member
in London

Magdalene Ladies

Group of friends from university supporting eachother to succeed in different fields

4 members
in London

Lean In Energy

How can we encourage more women to lean into the energy industry? The energy sector continues to lag behind in...

2 members
Royal Bank of Scotland Group in Manchester

Lean In RBS Manchester

Development for women at all levels in our Manchester and north-west England hubs

2 members
in Birmingham

Women in Birmingham

Lean-in circle for professional women in the central Birmingham area to share, learn and grow together.

32 members


Please join this circle if you are IN THE UK OR IRELAND Just starting out with a new Circle Wishing to join a ...

4 members
in London

Women in social media

This is a group for women who work in or take interest in social media and digital marketing to share ideas, t...

90 members
FMR LLC in London


Pilot circle started January 2017: membership is cross-functional and from a number of FIL office locations

17 members
London Business School in London

London Business School WIB

This circle is for all members of the Women In Business Club at London Business School.

15 members


The aim of this circle is to provide support to women who will be facing maternity or returning to work after ...

8 members
Mace Group Ltd in London

Mace Group

This LeanIn Circle is being set up to encourage woman and men in our company to get together and discuss issue...

44 members
in London


A group for women working in the Technology space who are interested in making connections and working to empo...

440 members
in London

K's Circle

Explore your weaknesses. Enhance your strengths. Thrive for a fulfilling career aligned to your personal aspir...

5 members
in Birmingham


Hoping for focus, strength and support. All welcome

4 members
PricewaterhouseCoopers in London

Front Runners

A circle of Senior Associates and Managers keen to forge ahead in our careers...

7 members
in London

Young City Expats

Two young Italian graduate came to the City to pursue a career in Finance. The Circle wants to provide support...

7 members
in Chester


This circle's concept is to serve as a source of female empowerment, friendship and encouragement to anyone an...

11 members
Calderdale Council in Halifax

Calderdale Council

A networking and development circle for women working across Calderdale Council.

3 members
in London


We are women working and researching with the aim of improving and understanding mental wellbeing across the d...

2 members
in Southampton

University of Southampton

Circle at the University of Southampton, ranging from undergraduates to academics to university staff, from al...

2 members
in London

Graduate women

This circle tailors to graduates and young professionals in London. The goal of this circle is for us to empow...

272 members
PricewaterhouseCoopers in Manchester

Manchester Women In Business

A Women in Business circle for PwC Manchester

21 members
Woman Within in London

Woman Within UK West London

Woman Within UK Circle meeting in Hammersmith. We are group of women, most of whom have completed the Woman Wi...

1 member
in Portsmouth

Southern Professionals

This group, based on the south-central / south-east coast of England, is intended to facilitate connections - ...

20 members
in London

The Rebellious and the Mindful

Mindfulness in London

4 members
Vodafone Group Plc in London

Vodafone Circle

Welcome to Lean In Vodafone London. We are about to celebrate out second anniversary and would love you to joi...

101 members
in London

Wimbledon Working Mums

A circle for working mums in Wimbledon, SW London.

6 members
Sociable Pharma in London

Pharma Circle

Working to empower & develop the women of Sociable Pharma & the Pharma space in general

7 members
in Copenhagen


A group for women in Denmark to connect in and support each other. English and Danish speakers welcome! Starti...

4 members
in City of London


We recognise that if we want to get there fast, we can go it alone. But if we want to get there and have a las...

4 members
PricewaterhouseCoopers in London

PwC Women

We are a group of young professional women who come together to support each other in the workplace.

10 members
in London


The aim of this circle is to provide a forum to support women and their development in Project Delivery.

2 members
in Bristol


This is a group targeting women working in the corporate world and also entrepreneurs to support each other, l...

26 members
PricewaterhouseCoopers in Birmingham

Brilliant Brummies

Lean-in circle for senior managers in Birmingham

11 members
in London

Postgraduate Women

A group for women with or studying for a doctoral degree to provide mutual support and inspiration. Whether yo...

13 members
in Luton

LeanIn Luton

I am hoping to start a LeanIn group for women in Luton. It doesn't matter what career you have or where you ar...

16 members
in London

BAME Women Leaders

A collaborative, down-to-earth group of BAME (Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic) women leaders. We believe leade...

10 members
in London

Leadership and Psychology

What is it to be a Leader? What does it take? How can you ensure the happiness and commitment of your workforc...

258 members
in Manchester

Lean In Manchester

A circle for women in business in the Manchester area. All are welcome to join via the Lean In Manchester Face...

168 members
in London

Career 2016

We are a group of individuals predominately within the financial sector dedicated to expanding our transferabl...

50 members
BP plc in Sunbury-on-Thames

Lean in BP

We provide an informal networking opportunity for career focussed women and their allies within BP. We aim to ...

33 members
Cronkshaw Fold Farm and Study Centre

LeanIn Rossendale

LeanIn Rossendale brings together entrepreneurial women who run their own businesses in the Rossendale valley....

9 members
in London

LeanIn London

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” Come and join in the conversatio...

60 members
in Londra

Women in Strategy Consulting

Seeking women interested in learning and talking about strategy consulting. Focused on sharing experiences and...

4 members
in London

WoV | Women on Visa

This is a support network aimed for immigrant women on visa to discuss, share and learn from each other. It is...

5 members
in Tonbridge

Lean In West Kent

This network is built for a community of passionate women who actively seek new ways of working and would like...

34 members
in Cardiff

Cardiff Empowerment for Women

Cardiff Empowerment for Women exits to raise the profile gender equality across Cardiff, share resources, deve...

16 members
in London

Women in IT

The Women in IT circle is a forum for all Women to discuss, support and encourage each other. Whether you are ...

200 members
in Chelmsford

Lean in Essex

Join like-minded ladies in Essex for personal and career development, mentoring, friendship learning and fun! ...

8 members