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Lean In Morocco Chapter

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In Morocco, the participation of women in the workplace is declining and does not exceed 28 %. Women are key player in economic and social development in Morocco while their potential is under estimated. This chapter is opened to men and women who support...

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9 Circles in our Network

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in Casablanca

Women of Law in Morocco

This circle is a community of lawyers who are willing to increase women's awarness of their legal rights in th...

3 members
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in Grand Casablanca

Lean In Morocco

This circle is opened to women of all ages from various background who would like to help further women achiev...

185 members
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in Casablanca

Women & Entrepreneurship

The Women and Entrepreneurship circle is a space where innovative women can share valuable experiences and ins...

1 member
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Women in IT/Tech - Global Online

The mission of Women in IT/tech lean in circle is to educate and empower women that share the similar interest...

210 members
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in Casablanca

Mid life professionals navigating a career change

Ce cercle est destiné aux femmes et aux hommes qui envisagent ou ont entamé une transition de carrière, notamm...

4 members
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Chambre française de commerce et d'industrie du Maroc in Casablanca

Encourager les talents féminins

Talents féminins, venez découvrir la Chambre Française de Commerce et d'Industrie du Maroc (CFCIM) : https://w...

2 members
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Université Hassan II

Women Students

This Circle is for every woman student.

11 members
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in Casablanca

Lean In Morocco Youth Circle - LIMYC

Promouvoir l’ambition professionnelle et la confiance en soi des jeunes filles entre 12 et 24 ans

1 member
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in Casablanca

Women in STEM Morocco

This Circle is made for women in Morocco who work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields t...