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Lean In Milan

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Welcome to Lean In Milan! This is a cross-generational group that meets regularly to work on key issues regarding gender equality in Italy, with a special focus on personal development, professional growth, and networking. Members will be regularly notifi...

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in Mailand


Diversity is a key to success, diversity increases potential, diversity generates value, diversity wins - let'...

28 members
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in Milano

Millennials in progress

Millennials in progress is a Lean In Circle- our goal is to inspire our members to take a step forward in thei...

107 members
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Reckitt Benckiser in Milan


Our people and our culture are critical to achieving our V2020 ambition. To grow our business and drive down c...

21 members
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in Milan

Know Your Power Milano

Being more aware of what you can do makes you less likely to dwell on what you feel you can’t. Know your power...

67 members
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Ognuno di noi ha il suo perchè

La motivazione è la chiave di volta per essere vincenti, felici e per generare una maggiore efficienza! Questo...

19 members
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in Milan


JOVE is A Lean In Circle about the JOb I loVE that focuses on 3 main areas. 1) Own Your Passion: build skills ...

200 members
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Bocconi Students Women in Finance in Milan

Women in Finance WiF

Women in Finance (WiF) is a circle that is completely focused on creating a platform for collaboration among f...

9 members
Recommended by LeanIn.Org
in Milano

Women Inspiring Networking

The Circle is a networking happy hour where two women share their own story of success (get your inspiration!)...

81 members
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in Milan

Learn Lead Succeed

This circle is about meeting like-minded women of different ages who have a special interest in the field of m...

15 members
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in Milan

Creative Women in Milan

Il Creative Women’s Circle di We Hate Pink supporta, sostiene e connette le donne creative. Il circle ti aiute...

1 member
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in Milan


Do you work or want to work in a digital environment? Do you want to learn more about digital transformation? ...

120 members
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in Milano

Mind The Women

MindTheWoMen : Re.Build | Re.Think | Re.Act The first DreamTank

3 members
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in Milano


Grow your voice. This circle was born after Cut It! the first workshop about Impostor Syndrome in Milan. Organ...

12 members