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Lean In Italy Network is an active, diverse group with 100+ members who help each other accomplish professional and personal goals. This is an opportunity for women to achieve their ambitions. Circles host monthly meetings covering various topics and acti...

1 Network Leader, 320 Members

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in Rome


Welcome to the first Lean In Circle started in Rome! Founded in 2014, there are a few Circles around the world...

55 members


Il gruppo virtuale è formato da donne che lavorano a Roma o nelle regioni del centro Sud, ogni singola donna c...

14 members

Lean In Torino

Tre parole chiave: #donne, #collaborazione, #forza (che sia fisica, mentale, spirituale, caratteriale). E il c...

1 member

LeanIn Zena friends

- The book "Lean In" is focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation ...

4 members

Lean In Together Italy

This is a mixed language and online group based in Rome. Meetings are run both in English and Italian through ...

21 members
in Florence

Lean In Firenze

YOUR VOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Lean In Circles are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together,...

8 members
in Roma

Our Daughter: Women of Tomorrow

Our daughters are our future. Environment, work, bullying, education... We are an example for our children so ...

1 member
in Rome


Welcome to the first Lean In Circle started in Rome! Founded in 2014, there are a few Circles around the world...

55 members
in Roma

Lean In Connect Italy

People's participation is becoming the central issue of our time. Now that the technology is changing fast, we...

1 member
in Rome

The W Club

Welcome to The W(omen) Club!

8 members
in Roma

Lean In Young Professionals Rome

If you are starting your journey into the professional world this is the group you should join! We'll focus on...

11 members
in Firenze


Our space for networking

21 members
in Bari

TheWomanLaw Bari

Questo Cirle è formato da donne Italiane che cercano ispirazione femminile. Uniamoci supportarci e darci forza...

2 members
in Padova

Lean In Padova-Venice

Siamo un circolo, basato a Padova/Venezia, che si incontra per condivide esperienze, imparare dal confronto re...

17 members
in Turin

International Professionals

This circle aims to bring international women based in the Turin area together.

5 members
in Pontedera

Women in Tech Pisa

This is a Circle for women who want to work in Tech or want to empower other women of any age to pursue STEM c...

24 members
in Rome

Lean in Tourism

Connecting and inspiring women within the hospitality sector. Il circle nasce con l’obiettivo di connettere le...

4 members