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in Orléans

Lean in Orléans

Un cercle pour toutes les femmes d’Orléans qui ont envie de se retrouver et de partager !

7 members
in Paris

Fifty shades

Share your experience and professional best practices.

10 members
in Sablé-sur-Sarthe


To enrich our experience of the world and that of those around us.To promote equal pay, deep listening & fort...

1 member
in Nantes


Que vous soyez une femme super badass, momy, femme au foyer, PDG, étudiante, paumée, salariée, porteuse de pro...

23 members
in Paris


The Verizon Lean In circle welcomes all Verizon France employees. We meet about every 6 to 8 weeks in the of...

6 members
in Colmar

Lifecoach Colmar

Un bon coach de vie rencontre régulièrement ses pairs pour échanger. Allons-y ! Cercle ouvert aux coaches ...

1 member
in Paris

Lean In Paris

If you are a woman in Paris that has big dreams and believes that she can do it because she's worth it then Le...

60 members
in Bastia


1er groupe Lean In, de Corse. Objectif : créer un réseau de femmes, entrepreneures, déterminées, dynamiques e...

5 members
in Paris

duchess paris

Cercle des duchess de paris

8 members