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Lean In Networks are a great way to join the community and start to get involved. Through a Network you can meet new people and learn about new personal and professional growth opportunities.

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World Wide Technology

Started From the Bottom

As we grow our operations, there is room for growth in leadership. This group is for lower level or undiscover...

Asian Pacific Islander (API) Women in Management

Asian Pacific Islander (API) Women in Management is for API Women interested in discussing challenges we face ...

World Wide Technology

Leading a Balanced Life

Do you feel you have a work/life balance? Self/Others balance? What IS balance? Come share your tips and trick...

World Wide Technology

Work@Work, Work@Home

This women's circle is for women who work diligently + productively in the work place and who work diligently ...

World Wide Technology in Maryland Heights

Mountain Movers (Logistics)

Logistics Women encouraging each other for development and work/life balance. We will use this Circle to talk ...


As Strong As The WWT Woman Next To Me

This Circle is for the crazy talented Strategic Resourcing & Services women looking to build strong relationsh...

World Wide Technology in Maryland Heights

Team Self-Determination: it's possible

Description: No matter where you are in an organization you are the key to your goals, developments and progre...

World Wide Technology

Women in Sales Lean In

This group of Women in Sales will provide a "safe" space to lean in with experiences, fears, challenges, creat...

World Wide Technology

Women in Ops

Reconnecting with past coworker friends to share successes, provide support & challenge each other in our jour...

World Wide Technology

Operations Leaning In

This circle is open to anyone with a passion for Operations as well as passion to build each other up to help ...

World Wide Technology in Amsterdam

Empowered to Serve - unlock your leadership potential

This circle is created for those who are interested in unlocking their leadership potential and becoming futur...

World Wide Technology

Crafters Unite

Ladies, if you're anything like me, you've got a pile of WIPs in the corner and in the closet hidden away beca...

World Wide Technology

WWT Diversity in Technology

Our diversity in backgrounds and cultures leads to diversity in perspectives and ideas. This is a circle for d...

World Wide Technology

WWT- Men Striving to be Better Allies of Women

This circle will focus on how men can better align to, and be supportive of the issues and challenges faced by...

World Wide Technology

Go-Giver Women

Join us as we discuss powerful and engaging ways to connect with our customers, colleagues, and partners women...

World Wide Technology

WWT-Digital Divas

Women who share an interest in digital marketing, technology who want to come together to share and learn from...

World Wide Technology

WWT Moms

Our circle is for those interested in connecting and supporting other moms and discussing life with our kids a...

World Wide Technology in Arnold

How to bring your whole self to work!

Bringing our whole selves to work means acknowledging that we're all vulnerable, imperfect human beings doing ...

World Wide Technology


A Metamorphosis of Moving from Knowledge to Wisdom


True Self @ Work

The "True Self @ Work" circle is for women interested in discussing how to bring authentic self/style to profe...

World Wide Technology

The Mentoring Multiplier

"If I knew then what I know now"..... In this Circle, we will lean in, share our stories and discuss the best ...

World Wide Technology

Empty Nest but Still Blessed

This is a Circle of support for those making the transition to an "empty nest". Have your kids launched off to...

World Wide Technology

Confidence in Communication

This Circle is for motivated women looking to discuss the methods, behaviors and characteristics needed to com...

World Wide Technology

Women with (loud) voices!

Listen, ladies... some of us have been told we're too "loud", "talk too much" or are "aggressive" in the workp...

World Wide Technology

WWT-Balancing it all

This group brings working moms together to share ways to better balance career, parenting, relationships etc. ...

World Wide Technology

WWT-Lets come up with a name together

Support women who are starting/started a second career ( started one after a 12yr break), but everyone is welc...

World Wide Technology

Lean in to Courage

This circle is for women to help each other foster confidence and act boldly with respect to their careers. To...

World Wide Technology

Women Managing Stress and Anxiety

The Women Managing Stress and Anxiety is for women interested in discussing the challenges faced when coping w...

World Wide Technology

#LifeHacks for Working Parents In STL

Interested in discussing challenges faced professionally and personally all while trying to accomplish work li...

World Wide Technology

WWT-New Managers

A space for new managers to share struggles and strategies, and support each other as we continue developing t...

World Wide Technology

Navigating Imposter Syndrome

Perfectionism? Image management? Chalking up your success to luck versus your hard earned achievements? If you...

World Wide Technology

Power, Presence, Possibility

This circle is created to support living powerfully. We commit to putting the tools and skills into action thr...

World Wide Technology in St. Louis

Educators Evolving into the World of Business

Transitioning from one career to another is hard, but to come from the world of education where women are ofte...

World Wide Technology

Moms at Work

Girl Talk! We support moms with active family lives, feel heard, find balance, share tips, challenge themselve...

World Wide Technology in San Carlos

WWT for the Hearing Impaired

World Wide Technology in St. Louis

Jessica's Fight Club

Working with each other to get better in conflict through crucial conversations study, conflict & defensivenes...

World Wide Technology in St. Louis

Still I Rise

Women of color navigating in the corporate setting of today while trying to balance work and family.

WWT in Denver

Women Creating Boundaries

WWT in Apex

WWTers in Faith

This group is for those who love God and want to share, learn more, or show their faith. We will challenge old...