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W2O Group

TAGS: Those Across the Gender Spectrum

A place for amplifying & supporting equality in the workplace beyond the traditional gender binary.

W2O Group

Smile Daily

Self Care on the way to a more productive life. Don't worry about the silence. Wait for no one.

W2O Group

Once More, With Confidence

Have you ever said something and immediately wanted a do over?, ended a client recommendation with a question?...

Real Chemistry in Washington

Real Chemistry Women with no kids

This group is for Real Chemistry women who do not have children. Depending on the number of people who join an...

W2O Group in Sausalito

Navigating Grief & Loss in the Workplace

Have you experienced a loss you didn't see coming? Been looking for a support network as you navigate this pos...

W2O Group

Creatives! Mid/Sr Level

This circle is for creative folks at the mid- to senior-level of their careers. We will use this space to crea...

W2O Group

Make That Money

Paying off student loans? Navigating retirement investment options? Going for a raise? This Circle is for ambi...

W2O Group

Powerful Working Mamas

This circle is intended to bring the working moms of small children together at W2O that still want to feel em...

W2O Group

Lead Like a Girl

Women helping women of all ages lead and succeed by tapping into their inner "why" - BYO cocktail and humor!

W2O Group

Mindful AF :)

Mindful convo & connection with a heartfelt dose of realness. In this group we welcome each other to show up e...

W2O Group

Hungry Like The Wolf: Gen X Leadership

This group is for Gen X'ers (persons born between 1965 - 1981) who would like to come together to lean into le...

W2O Group

BnB Mindfulness Group

This group will allow Black and Brown Women of color a safe space to come together and learn to be attentive t...

W2O Group

Young Professionals Displaced by the Pandemic

A circle for early-career professionals that found themselves uprooted or otherwise displaced by the pandemic....

W2O Group

Empowered Women in Inter-Faith Relationships

Empower women in interfaith relationships to feel like their full selves in both their personal and profession...

W2O Group

Taking Mid-Level to the Next Level

A lot of us here at W2O, have either been at W2O for 2-5 years, or been in the working world 2-5 years, and I'...

W2O Group

Mindfulness for Women

Mindfulness is defined by a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while cal...

W2O Group in Brooklyn

Creative Bleaders

For leaders who lead, in bodies that bleed. Your cycle is your strength. Start using it at work and beyond.

W2O Group in Sausalito

Cancer Survivors & Caregivers

Our goal is to create an open, safe and supportive space to discuss how our lives have been impacted by cancer...

W2O Group in New York

Authentic Female Leadership

Leading teams can be exhilarating, rewarding and daunting at the same time – or not. As leaders, our decisions...

W2O Group

W2O-Circle 43

Woman of color in business and legal roles learning, growing and gaining knowledge to further navigate manager...

W2O Group

Worldly Women of W2O

This circle is for those bringing or seeking a global perspective and appreciate diversity and multi-culturali...

W2O Group in Trenton

W2O Powerful Women Of Color

W2O Group in New York

IMIS Mid-Level Managers

W2O Group in London

Making Lemonade: Middle Management

This circle is for anyone who is a mid-level leader managing a growing team, while finding their stride doing ...

W2O in San Francisco

Asian Circle

Our circle is a place to talk about issues, events and every day things that affect Asian lives. We support an...

W2O Group in New York

W2O Group Circle

W2O Group in Mountain View

Career Women with Toddlers

The art of juggling work with family life can sometimes make us feel like we are hanging on by a thread especi...

W2O Group in New York

Lead Like a Girl- Group 2

Women helping women of all ages lead and succeed by tapping into their inner "why" - BYO cocktail and humor!

W2O Group in Wilmington

Female Breadwinners

Female Breadwinners at Real Chemistry is a safe space, where women who serve as the breadwinners in their hous...