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This network is run by Voya Financial LLC

Lean In Circles at Voya

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About our Network

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The Voya Financial Lean In Circles Network provides Voya women and their allies to network a platform to make connections, get mentored, share insights and ideas - and have fun!

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Lean In Networks are a great way to join the community and start to get involved. Through a Network you can meet new people and learn about new personal and professional growth opportunities.

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43 Circles in our Network


Voya Employees Parenting Teens

Voya employees who are also actively parenting teens/adolescents.


Voya Parents of Boys

This circle is for parents who are preparing our sons for a future in which women and men are treated as equal...


Women on the Up and Up

Are you a woman or ally who is looking to advance not only yourself but other women in the company? Join our c...


It's Accrual World

The group is committed to exploring the challenges we face. This is includes the bias we may run into in our d...


Success and Serenity

The Success and Serenity Circle is designed to be a safe space for early career professionals who are striving...


LGBTQ+ Women and Moms

This circle is for LGBTQ+ persons who identify as women, and especially for those with children. This circle w...


Leaders in Lulu

A circle of mid-career women who want to continue to advance to senior level roles but also want to remained f...


30% Club Circle

Past and Present 30% Club Participants


Women Growing Personally & Professionally

This Circle is for women who are looking to grow both personally and professionally; looking to become the bes...


Diversity in Sales Leadership

This circle is to support diversity in sales including women of color. This group will focus on mid career wom...


You can do both!

Let's lean in together and discuss work and life and how that is different for women. Juggling being a mother,...


In the Arena

Our circle name is inspired by Theodore Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Arena”. How do we show up with courage, de...


Voya 40+ Single Women with no kids

This group is for single women over 40 with no kids, to get together and empower each other. Each month we wil...


The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack is a circle of mid-career women focused on sharing ideas for positive impact and change. We look ...



If you tend to be more creative or artistic, you're thought to be right-brained. If you're mostly analytical a...


Building your personal brand with Karen

Over 6 months, we will work together to understand what a personal brand is, develop your unique story and dis...


Moms of Teenagers-A Whole New Challenge!

Moms of Teens We were prepared and armed for infancy and toddlerhood, but the teenage years are a whole differ...


Women in Marketing who enjoy being in the great outdoors

If you are a woman in marketing who enjoys any outdoor activity, or simply likes breathing fresh air this is t...


Finding time for your health and wellness

A group for women who are trying to manage home life, work and personal health and wellness.


Voya Mid-Career Achievers

Join a group of dynamic and energized women who are mid-way through their careers and would like to explore th...


Voya Women Empowering Each Other

Our group will discuss women's issues from the workplace and home with the goal of lifting each other up to be...


Women in Actuarial & Finance Leadership (WAFL)

We get the numbers right while leading teams and projects. Meetings will be monthly but not begin until March ...


Voya Professional Women in Atlanta

Voya professionals out of Atlanta office or virtual looking to learn new things, inspire and network.

Voya in Braintree

Voya Circle for Mid-Career Professionals

This Circle is for mid-career professionals interested in sharing ideas & experiences and exploring ways to he...


Picking up speed

They used to say 50 was "over the hill" but you just pick up speed when you top a hill. This circle is for sin...

Voya in San Jose

Early/Mid Career in Accounting

This Circle is for professional women in early/mid career accounting looking to discuss growing professionally...


Singles Support

This is a group for single people where we support each other's struggles, connect to our desires, and strateg...


Our Legacy

Circle for mid-to-late career women. What more do we want to accomplish? How to put to good use the wisdom we ...

Voya in Marietta

Living Creatively for Yourself and Your Career

This circle gives members the opportunity to talk about how they can harness their creativity in their career ...


NextGen Women + Leadership: Finding Balance Within Success

For women earlier on in their careers (like myself), this Circle was created to discuss how aspiring leaders m...

Voya in Waddell

Leading with your Heart & Data

Lean In: Women in Leadership

Voya in New York

Voya Leaders

Join other mid- and senior-level colleagues to discuss growing professionally.

Voya in Atlanta

Mid-Life Leaders

Circle for professional women looking to discuss growing professionally, either in their current area or explo...


Voya Single Parents Circle

This Circle is for professional single parents/guardians looking to discuss work/life balance challenges and o...


BIPOC Women in IT

This circle for any and all Black, Indigenous, Person of Color (including Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, mul...


Older Kids and Still Need Work/Life Balance

With your children either in college or have already moved out, how do ensure you keep a work/life balance.


VOYA moms raising teens!

Are you working hard while raising teenage kids? While the focus of Circles is to support each other in our Vo...

Voya in Atlanta

Evolving in Employee Benefits

Each one of us is on a journey in life and throughout that journey we evolve. Some of the paths are smooth and...

Voya Financial

Women interested in sales careers

At Voya and in many other business, women are often underrepresented in sales teams and the statistics are eve...


Mothers of Elementary Age Children in Management

This Circle is for people-managers at Voya who are also parenting elementary-age children.

Voya Financial in Minneapolis

Personal Board of Directors

One of the best ways to gain regular, meaningful feedback is to put together a personal board of directors – a...

Voya Financial in Atlanta

Principles in Financial Wellness

No matter where you are in your financial journey, this Circle is intended to take the fear out of managing yo...


Project Management for Women

A community of women leading and supporting projects, sharing knowledge and growing careers in a world of chan...