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Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) Professionals Chapter

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The Lean In CS&E Professionals Chapter connects women working in computer science and engineering around the world. We believe that peer mentorship and support is essential to keeping women in computer science and engineering, and started the Chapter ...

3 Network Leaders, 2819 Members

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52 Circles in our Network

in Bucharest

Girls In Tech Romania

‘Girls in Tech’ (GIT) is a social network enterprise focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of l...

32 members

Tech Knights

Enjoy fortknightly computer sciencey discussions. Goals * discuss CS technologies * discuss current projects *...

9 members
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in Santa Clara

Santa Clara Lean In

We aim to instill confidence in women and provide a platform which can help them excel. A little about our cir...

206 members
in Vernon Hills

Mentoring Women in Technology

Join like-minded women in technology who are empowering themselves to "lean in" and overcome professional obst...

1 member

African women in tech

This circle aims to bring together women from Africa working in the technology sector, or anyone else who have...

28 members
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in Zürich

Women in Tech Zurich

Zurich based lean in circle for women in tech.

67 members


Internetworking is the practice of connecting a computer network with other networks through the use of gatewa...

1 member
University of Cincinnati-Main Campus


One for all and all for one! In Science, Engineering, Math, at University of Cincinnati and beyond!

9 members


Let's take leadership of our own adaptability as women in tech. What do you say? Are you with me? Let's adapt,...

2 members
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in Bengaluru

CS&E Bangalore

Our CS&E Bangalore, aims to facilitate the required skills and knowledge to the younger generation of girls an...

7 members
in Atlanta

Atlanta Women In Tech

The goal of this group is to connect women who work in IT, software development, or other technical related fi...

19 members
in Dallas

Dallas (DFW) Women in Tech

The goal of this group is to connect and support women working in or studying computer science or engineering ...

4 members
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in New York


The mission of this group is to connect and empower one another by sharing advice and experiences. We are a co...

256 members
in Polokwane

Young leaders Lean In

Young leaders LeanIn aims to form a network of young leaders that will help each other on how to 'break the ic...

1 member
in San Diego

CSE San Diego Circle

This circle is for technical women in CSE who live in San Diego. The focus areas will be around preparation fo...

3 members
in San Francisco

Young Professionals in Tech

Circle for young professionals working in Tech in Silicon Valley/SF

1 member

CS&E Turkish Women Everywhere

Turkish women who majored in Computer Science & Engineering, students or professionals, this is a lean-in circ...

12 members
in Istanbul

Ebru Siki


1 member
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in Delhi


We can discuss about open source technologies and projects happening around the globe and can meet people work...

28 members

Japanese Women in Computing

Lean-in circle for Japanese women in computing, started by women who met at 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration! コンピ...

8 members
in Atlanta

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is organized exclusively for educational purposes to connect women to network, learn, explore a...

1 member
in California City

Awesome tech women

Let's spread our force to the IT world together

1 member

High-Tech Women in Israel

We promote women in Israeli high-tech. We want to encourage women students seeking to enter high-tech and prof...

6 members
in Seattle

Hi-Tech Moms from Seattle

The goal of this circle is to find like minded women in technology who has to lean in in multiple directions -...

2 members
in New York

STEM Women Intrapreneurs

Women STEM Intarepreneurs is a circle that would allow women to work their day job and build on projects and i...

1 member
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland


Leaning In to provide a learning environment to support professional and personal goals.

12 members
in Auckland

New Zealand Women in Tech

Connect women in tech all around New Zealand

1 member
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Faculty/Staff Women in Technology

This circle is comprised of the faculty and staff women who have careers in technology.

14 members
in Solon

Northeast Ohio WIT

Our vision is to inspire women and minorities to excel and discover opportunities in the tech industry through...

4 members
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in Bengaluru


Together we will make a difference!! This group is for women who want to move up the ladder in their work plac...

168 members
in Salt Lake City

Women in Tech SLC

A circle for women in tech in Salt Lake City.

49 members
in Kathmandu

Women in STEM Nepal

Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a organization established with the strong...

20 members
in West Chester

West Chester Women in CS

This is a Lean-In circle for the women majoring in Computer Science at West Chester University

6 members


A circle for peer Indian women.

5 members
in Burbank


This circle joins all Armenian women in Computer Science and Engineering field around the world. Our main goal...

2 members
The Vanguard Group, Inc. in Malvern

Lady Tech Leaders

Support network for women in Vanguard IT who aspire to advance in technical leadership roles. Our circle is ba...

5 members
in Princeton

New jersey Women in Tech

A circle of Women Engineers in New Jersey

10 members

Pakistani Women in Computing

Connect, share, mentor, recognize and celebrate contributions and achievements of Pakistani Women in Computing...

8 members
in San Francisco


Active and supportive community of Airbnb's women engineers, data scientists and IT professionals focused on s...

17 members
in Warsaw

Lean in STEM Poland

Networking and motivational space for girls and women connected to STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering...

4 members

CS&E Mentors Circle

This Circle is for professional women in CS&E who are interested in mentoring women studying CS&E around the w...

36 members
in Minneapolis


This is the Twin Cities Professional Chapter of the Lean in Circles

1 member
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in Billerica

Billerica Women in STEM

This is a circle for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, who live in or near Billerica,...

7 members
in Atlanta


A space for black millennial software engineers to collaborate, learn from each other & professional excel

1 member


The goal of this circle is to create a great platform for women in tech to share experience and upcoming oppor...

269 members
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Women in Information Technology

This Lean In group " WinIT" is for women in IT and related fields to connect, share experiences, and support e...

311 members
in São Paulo

Mulheres na Computação

Queremos incentivar, discutir e difundir mulheres na computação!

2 members
in Seattle

Seattle Professionals in CS&E

This is a cross company, inclusive Lean In circle for professional women in Computer Science and Engineering. ...

32 members
Microsoft Corporation in Seattle

Microsoft Women Puget Sound

This is the Seattle Chapter of Microsoft Women.

24 members
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in Bengaluru

Women in Tech Bangalore

Lean In Circle for Women in Tech (engineers, product managers, etc) in the Bangalore area.

396 members

Female System/Network Engineers

This is a Circle for women in System and Network Engineering. The purpose of this circle is to get connected, ...

10 members
in Atlanta

Women in Wireless Technology

5G will change the world as we know it. There's lots of work to do to make it a reality. Women are poorly repr...

1 member