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in Boston

Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle We are creatures of habits. Often, it is those habits that prevent us from leaning in. ...

28 members
in Boston

Women in Healthcare and Business

This is a group dedicated to engaging women in healthcare and business.

118 members
in Boston

Global Women's Alliance US

Global Women's Alliance - US Chapter Lean In Circle

19 members
in Boston


This circle is to focus on design professionals (architecture, interior design, fashion design, graphic, etc.)...

38 members
in Cambridge

Boston Women in STEM

Despite an increase of women pursuing careers in STEM, those of us working in STEM-related fields/companies st...

263 members
in Malden


This is a group for women of all ages in the greater Malden, MA area. The purpose of this circle is to create ...

32 members
in Providence

Professional Women in RI

This is a group for professional women. Research shows that we are more confident and are able to learn and ac...

15 members
in Wenham

North Shore MA

Women need to do more to support each other, both in the home and in the workplace. We also need to do more to...

55 members
in Chicopee

Women pushing up women

The goal of this circle is to connect all women in the area. We will be a group of support for the women in al...

12 members
in Boston

Women In Finance Boston

For women in the finance industry or in a financial position

42 members
in Boston

Vitality Circle

A group of strong, hard working women.

8 members
Shire in Lexington

Shire Women's Network

The purpose of Lean In @ Shire is to help women grow via connection, education and mentorship. We Meet Togethe...

23 members
in Boston

Digital & Connected Health

We're a group of women professionals creating, developing and delivering digital and connected health solution...

5 members
Procter & Gamble (P&G) in Boston


We are a small group of Gillette women that meet regularly to learn and grow together. We encourage and suppo...

6 members
Eduporium in Watertown

Lean In EdTech

This circle is focused on helping women in EdTech lean in and grow in their roles. #leanintogether with us!

4 members
in Boston

College Coders

This chapter is for all the collegiate ladies in the Boston area who want another support system as they pursu...

2 members
in Newton

Empty Nesters 2016

Circle of women who will have an empty nest in the Fall of 2016

2 members
Oracle Corporation in Burlington

Oracle Direct

This circle will cater to women at Oracle who are interested in networking and learning more about how they ca...

15 members
in Brookline

Brookline Mastermind Group

This mastermind group is for enthusiastic professionals, entrepreneurs and women in career transition who are ...

15 members
in Natick


NSRDEC's Lean In Circle This group is intended to encourage everyone at the US Army NSRDEC to go after thei...

11 members
in Addis Ababa

Be ready

Be ready to contribute for gender equality.

3 members
in Boston


For women in energy, clean tech, and sustainability-related industries. A place to share ideas, support each o...

10 members
in Boston


Ladies meeting for dinner, drinks and a chat.

10 members
in Boston


The goals of this circle are to bring together the women of WeSpire as a way to facilitate dialogue and encour...

12 members
in Boston

Navigating Career Transitions

Have you thought about changing your career? Are you unsure of the direction that you would like to go in? ...

47 members
in Boston

The Boston Bellas

Highly motivated young professionals looking to network and support each other.

3 members
in Bridgewater


Through our 10-month signature program, we empower WINGS mentees to unleash their inner leader and accelerate ...

33 members
in Boston

Allies & Advocacy

Our circle focuses on empowering women to engage with other women and men about any injustices or oppression t...

16 members
Nanigans in Boston


Support the growth and ambitions of our female team members through deeper camaraderie, understanding our indi...

1 member
in Billerica

Billerica Women in STEM

This is a circle for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, who live in or near Billerica,...

6 members

CPAs Lean In

A supportive space for Accounting & Finance professionals to share best practices and develop as leaders.

44 members
in Boston

Boston Newbs

Are you new to Boston? Do you want get involved in your community, meet new people and share in the "unknown"...

21 members
Granite in Quincy


A supportive and positive women's network that encourages open discussions about issues and choices that many ...

12 members
The Renegade Leader Coaching & Consulting Group in Nashua


Leading in Heels is dedicated to supporting women in being heard, seen and noticed. Hosted by best selling aut...

20 members
in Boston

BYWB-Boston Young Women in Busines

Shattering the Triple Glass Ceilings The first time when I walked into the Executive Board Room, and sat at a...

33 members
in Boston

Simmons SOM Alumni

The purpose of this circle is to create a network of and structure for support for Simmons School of Managemen...

15 members
in Boston

Return to Work Boston

For women returning to work... Whether you took a career break to look after your children or your aging paren...

35 members
in Boston

Boston Media Mavens

The Boston media, marketing and advertising lean in circle brought to you by Gina Romani Preziosa. This is fo...

114 members
in Boston

Own Your Worth

Empowering women to own their worth, grow their network and develop skills to lead with love in life, family a...

30 members
in Boston

Lean Into Healthcare

Live. Love. Lead. Lean In. Our group is a Boston-based collection of young professionals who would like to tr...

35 members
in Cambridge


Support young women across industries in corporate environments with achieving their career goals. This is f...

37 members