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Ready to lead? Here’s how to get started

Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to lead a Circle. From hands-on training, to email templates to invite members to join, to step-by-step discussion guides and resources for every Circle meeting—we provide everything you need to make your Circle a success.

Checklist for getting your Circle started:

  • Attend one of our free Circle Leader Trainings
    • You’ll learn how to get your Circle up and running, from deciding on your Circle’s purpose, to recruiting members, right up to hosting your first meeting.
    • You’ll also have a chance to connect with other Circle Leaders from around the world for inspiration and support.
  • Invite members to join your Circle
    • Our recommended Circle size is 8-12 members, but you can start small: Invite 2 or 3 friends and build from there.
    • Who you invite to your Circle is up to you. This can be people who work with you, are in a similar life stage (e.g., recent grads, working moms, etc.), or are in your industry.
    • Use our sample email to invite people to join your Circle.
  • Schedule and host your first meeting
    • Prepare for your first meeting by reading through our article, “How to run a great first meeting.”
    • During your first meeting, you’ll use our kick-off discussion guide to get to know one another better and lay the groundwork for a successful Circle.
    • At this meeting, you’ll set the time and date of future meetings, too.
  • Connect with our global community for ongoing support and inspiration
    • Join a local Lean In Network near you: Lean In Networks are the local heartbeat of the global Lean In community. Networks bring together Lean In Circles and women in the Lean In community in more than 100 cities around the world, and are welcoming new members every day.
    • Connect with other leaders: Join our private Facebook group for Circle Leaders, where you can share your story, ask questions, and get input from other leaders.

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