How to set goals for your Circle

Shared goals will help your Circle choose relevant topics for discussion, gauge the success of your meetings, and generally stay on track as a group. We recommend that you identify up to three shared goals for your Circle. If you’re having a hard time choosing goals that work for everyone, try making them broader in focus—for example, instead of “Get raises,” a broader goal might be “Ask for and get what we deserve,” which could include more flex time or a larger role.

Try to pick one core goal that you’re going to focus on in the beginning—the more focused you are, the more likely you’ll be to see early results. And remember you can revisit your goals at regular intervals and update them as members’ priorities change.

Kick off your next meeting with this goal-setting exercise:

Step 1: Identify personal goals
Ask each member to write down their three biggest personal goals (e.g., taking more professional risks, creating better work-life balance, or building a network of supporters).

Step 2: Identify personal goals
Have everyone share their top three personal goals out loud. Have someone write them down on a whiteboard or large piece of paper so everyone can see them. When you’re finished, spend some time identifying up to three goals that are common across your Circle, grouping similar goals together wherever possible. If you end up with more than three, use a show of hands to vote on a final list. And remember, it will be easier for your Circle to stay on track with very specific and focused goals.

When you’re done, make sure you type up and distribute your final list of goals so you can refer to it going forward.

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