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Sara Landas and Holli Rae


Los Angeles, CA

By the end of our 10,000 mile journey, we had sat down with over 100 women who bravely volunteered to bare their souls in front of our lens.

In the summer of 2012, we sold everything we owned and packed our lives into a mini school bus to create the movie we had always dreamt of: a documentary that showcases authentic voices of women across America.

Although neither of us had ever made a feature-length film before, we decided to set our fears aside and spend 6 months traveling from coast to coast interviewing other women who were doing the same. Driven by our desire to see a broader spectrum of female role models in the media, we hit the road to talk to inspiring women from all walks of life about their paths to self-discovery.

It only took a couple of weeks being on the road to realize that living out of a bus during the hot summer was going to be a lot more challenging than we had anticipated. The vehicle itself had about 6x10 feet of living space and none of the amenities we had grown accustomed to in our daily lives. All we had was our camera equipment, a bed, two drawers for our clothes, a cabinet to hold dry food, and a cutting board that doubled as a desk. Most of our showers consisted of baby wipes and we spent a lot of time peeing in cups if there wasn’t a bathroom nearby. It was basically like camping in a tin box. Not to mention, we went from taking public transportation everyday to learning how to fuel and operate a veggie oil powered school bus practically overnight. Each day we faced new challenges but continued to lean in with the knowing in our hearts that our intuitions would guide the way.

As we made our way across the country, our beautifully painted bus attracted inspiring ladies everywhere we went. We met women at coffee shops, at rest stops, and even through Twitter while driving on the highway! By the end of our 10,000 mile journey, we had sat down with over 100 women who bravely volunteered to bare their souls in front of our lens. We interviewed artists, mothers, healers, businesswomen and scholars about the life-changing experiences that shaped them to become who they are today.

Connecting with these diverse women opened our eyes to so many new possibilities, and as we got to know each of them, we discovered how similar many our goals and obstacles were. We realized that although our individual paths look so different from the outside, there are threads that connect us all, and by sharing these stories we hope to bridge those gaps. This journey has transformed who we are and how we see the world and we hope our film inspires other people to take a risk to live the life of their dreams!

Sara Landas and Holli Rae are documentary filmmakers in Los Angeles, CA who worked together to create The Goddess Project.