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Becky Murdy

Digital Production Manager

Stamford, CT

I didn't put my hand down. Not even the time I was called on like this: 'yes, bossy Becky?'

Throughout my life I have been called "Bossy Becky" by my teachers, my peers and even family members. I still struggle with being known as the "loud sister." I often hear jokes alluding to my pushiness or aggression over the things I am passionate about.

I work in sports and have since I was in college. Some magnificent women paved the road for me and taught me an invaluable lesson. The word "bossy" was used by insecure people -- people who were afraid that one day, I would lead them. So I didn't put my hand down. Not even the time I was called on like this: "yes, bossy Becky?"

Today I stand proud as a manager. I am proud to say that top executives take my ideas to heart. I am respected at work, where the upper management truly believes I have made a difference in the company. I will continue to chase for success. I will continue to fight for myself and for my own growth and progress. I will continue to take on leadership roles—not because I am "bossy," but because I work hard and I deserve it.


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