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Alli Worthington

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Nashville, TN

Failure is growth, but fear of failure is the enemy of dreams.

I married straight out of college and made the intentional decision to be a stay-at-home wife and mom. My husband’s job had him climbing the corporate ladder and our family moving all over the United States. And while I loved my family, I soon found myself to be an intellectually bored stay-at-home mom, desperately in need of a creative outlet—a discovery that led me to blogging.

I loved reading the stories of other women’s lives. There was great comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone in the daily struggles of life, marriage, parenting, and faith. Their stories gave me hope, they made me laugh, they distracted me from what was sometimes a very mundane life. Above all, they challenged me to tell my own story. So I started my first blog.

In 2007, my husband’s job came to a sudden and drastic end. We were certain another local job was just around the corner, so we waited for it—a decision that eventually caused us to lose literally everything we owned. And that’s when I got very, very serious about figuring out how to create a business on the Internet.

My husband did end up getting another job, but the desire to build a business on my own terms never left me. I knew I wanted to build a business that brought good things to the world, connected women, and empowered them with the tools and resources they needed to be everything they could be, should be, and wanted to be.

I never let my fear or anxiety stop me (and trust me, there was plenty of it), I just plowed through any reservations I had, never asking for permission. If I didn’t know how to do something, I researched it and tried it. I learned many lessons along the way, sitting at the feet of some pretty incredible people. Perhaps the greatest lesson I learned is that failure is growth, but fear of failure is the enemy of dreams. So I just went for it.

I have never looked back on the decision to become Alli Worthington, Serial Entrepreneur. I built a business and a dream connecting smart people to big ideas. And now, I want to help other women be inspired to build their dreams.