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Kathy Pham
Taking Risks

Kathy left her job at Google for a role at the U.S. Digital Service to honor her mother’s legacy.

Kathy Pham Computer Scientist and Cancer Patient Sidekick
Kelly Dinglasan Minton
Taking Risks

A woman leans in to a new opportunity and joins the U.S. Digital Service.

Kelly Dinglasan Minton U.S. Digital Service
Madeline Fraser
Taking Risks

A start-up co-founder leans in to Shark Tank –– and shares what she's learned.

Madeline Fraser Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Homee
Katie Kirsch
Girls In Action

Through a simple exercise, one woman realizes that we never lean in alone.

Katie Kirsch Co-Founder, Girls Driving for a Difference, Inc.
Elba Pareja-Gallagher
Like a Boss

A woman shares her insights on levelling the playing field at work.

Elba Pareja-Gallagher Director of Finance B2C Strategy, UPS and Founder, ShowMe50.org
Phuong Mai
Taking Risks

A management consultant turns an injury into an opportunity for innovation.

Phuong Mai Founder, P.MAI
Reina Staley
Taking Risks

A woman leans in to a new opportunity and joins the Defense Digital Service.

Reina Staley Defense Digital Service
Ann Sherry AO
Gender in the Workplace

A woman finds her voice––and uses it to bring paid leave to corporate Australia.

Ann Sherry AO Executive Chairman, Carnival Australia
Saira Rao
Get Involved!

A woman leans in to help tell the stories of all girls and boys – and broaden their views of what is possible.

Saira Rao Co-founder, In This Together Media
Elisabetta Romano

A woman from a small town in Italy leans in to a world of opportunity.

Elisabetta Romano Vice President, Ericsson
Hillary Kerr
Taking Risks

The co-founder of Clique Media reflects on overcoming obstacles to get her company off the ground.

Hillary Kerr Co-founder, Clique Media Group
Mike Coates
Gender in the Workplace

A CEO shares how organizations can win by leaning in.

Mike Coates CEO at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

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