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Lean In Stories

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Katie Pantell
Starting Out

Katie Pantell shares her struggle with imposter syndrome and how her Circle helped her to confront her fear of failure.

Katie Pantell Student
Deborah Lee James

Deborah Lee James reflects on leaning into her failure, leaning on her mentors, and paying it forward.

Deborah Lee James 23rd Secretary of the Air Force
Erin Fors
Taking Risks

In the process of launching a company, Erin Fors learned what it means to lean in and embrace life's challenges.

Erin Fors Co-Founder at Cutline Communications
Sanya Khurana
Starting Out

After feeling out of place for being a female coder, Sanya found a support group that encouraged her to lean in.

Sanya Khurana Student
Claudia Chimento

In a new country, a woman leans in with the help of friends to lean on

Claudia Chimento Executive Assistant
Danielle Mcletchie
Story - Stage of Life

Danielle Mcletchie on being a black woman in engineering.

Danielle Mcletchie Student
Amy Wicks
Like a Boss

After working as a journalist in New York, Amy leaned in and moved out to San Fransisco to pursue her dreams.

Amy Wicks Senior Fashion Editor at Polyvore
Kathy Pham
Taking Risks

Kathy left her job at Google for a role at the U.S. Digital Service to honor her mother’s legacy.

Kathy Pham Computer Scientist and Cancer Patient Sidekick
Kelly Dinglasan Minton
Taking Risks

A woman leans in to a new opportunity and joins the U.S. Digital Service.

Kelly Dinglasan Minton U.S. Digital Service
Madeline Fraser
Taking Risks

A start-up co-founder leans in to Shark Tank –– and shares what she's learned.

Madeline Fraser Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Homee
Katie Kirsch
Girls In Action

Through a simple exercise, one woman realizes that we never lean in alone.

Katie Kirsch Co-Founder, Girls Driving for a Difference, Inc.
Elba Pareja-Gallagher
Like a Boss

A woman shares her insights on levelling the playing field at work.

Elba Pareja-Gallagher Director of Finance B2C Strategy, UPS and Founder,

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