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All-in-one Meeting Guide

Centered Leadership Part 5: Energizing


The Centered Leadership model will help you lead with impact, resilience, and fulfillment at work and in your life. There are five parts to Centered Leadership: Meaning, Framing, Connecting, Engaging, and Energizing. Watch “Introduction to Centered Leadership”.

Energizing, the focus of this meeting, will help you manage work-life demands. The activities will help you identify what energizes and drains you and will offer strategies for finding time every day to focus on energy renewal and recovery.

Meeting Goals

  • Identify your sources of energy and the activities that drain you
  • Set a sustaining practice to renew your energy

Pre-Meeting Prep

Meeting Agenda

90 min (based on 10-member group size)

  • 1


    20 min

    Warm up, catch up, and get going

  • 2

    Activity 1: Key Takeaways

    5 min

    Review the core concepts of the “Energizing” video

  • 3

    Activity 2: Feeling Your Energy

    10 min

    Get in touch with how your energy changes in different emotional and physical states

  • 4

    Activity 3: Shifting Your Energy

    10 min

    Shift your energy by tapping into your passion

  • 5

    Activity 4: Practice Sharing Gratitude

    5 min

    Gain energy through gratitude

  • 6

    Activity 5: Practice Mindfulness

    10 min

    Explore mindfulness as a way to shift your energy

  • 7

    One Action

    20 min

    The little push you need to go for it

  • 8


    10 min

    What’s next and a few final words

Portrait of Joanna Barsh

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Joanna Barsh, director emeritus of McKinsey & Company and author of Centered Leadership and How Remarkable Women Lead.