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All-in-one Meeting Guide

Connection Cards


Connection activities are focused on sharing personal stories and benefiting from your Circle’s ideas, experiences, and support. The Connection Card activity uses a deck of cards to facilitate the process of sharing deep information with one another quickly through a series of questions. The goal of this activity is to get to know one another better by answering questions and sharing a lot of information fast—think of it as table topics for your Circle!

Meeting Goals

  • Get to know yourself and your Circle on a deeper level
  • Build trust with your Circle by opening up and sharing personal stories and experiences

Pre-Meeting Prep

Meeting Agenda

90-100 min (based on 10-member group size)

  • 1


    15 min

    Warm up, catch up, and get going

  • 2

    Activity 1: Connection Cards

    40 min

    Deepen your understanding of yourself and your fellow Circle members

  • 3

    Activity 2: Connection Card Debrief

    15 min

    Discuss what makes it easy or hard to share and the role of gender in sharing

  • 4

    One Action

    15 min

    The little push you need to go for it

  • 5


    10 min

    What’s next and a few final words

Portrait of Carole Robin

Brought to you in partnership with ...

Carole Robin from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and based on a similar activity originally developed by Stanford’s Interpersonal Dynamics course faculty.