Women in the Workplace 2016

In corporate America, women fall behind early and continue to lose ground with every step. Find out why in the Women in the Workplace 2016 study.

Download the Women in the Workplace 2016 discussion guide here.

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Women in the Workplace 2016 is a comprehensive study by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company on the state of women in corporate America.

The study shows that women are less likely to receive the first critical promotion to manager—meaning that far fewer end up on the path to leadership—and they are less likely to be hired into more senior positions. As a result, the higher you look in companies, the fewer women you see.

The good news is, we can get this right. Read our study and use the discussion guide to explore women and men’s different experiences at work, generate ideas for how you can support the women you work with, and see what companies can do to create a more inclusive workplace.