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You Can't Be What You Can't See

The Lean In Collection on Getty Images

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

But in an age where visuals are everywhere, what message are those pictures sending? Much of the imagery we see daily portrays a familiar trope: men leading, women sidelined or sexualized, and mom and dad in stereotypical roles. But that paradigm is shifting. LeanIn.Org and Getty Images have teamed up to create the Lean In Collection—a library of thousands of creative images devoted to the powerful depiction of women and girls, families of all kinds, and men as caretakers as well as earners. These images are updated monthly and can be found both on Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images. The goal is to shift perceptions, overturn clichés, and incorporate authentic images of women and men into media and advertising. Join us to help close the image gender gap—one photo at a time.

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Images can and do change the world. We want this imagery everywhere, and we want to make it accessible.

Help Us #RepictureWomen

What do powerful women, girls and families look like to you? Share your snapshots, selfies, power poses—of yourself, your friends, and the women and men who inspire you—under the hashtag #RepictureWomen.

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