Equal Pay Counts

Throughout 2018, we’re partnering with businesses across the country to highlight the unfairness of the gender pay gap to consumers making everyday purchases.

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What if your shopping bag had 20% less in it?

With the help of adidas, Lyft, P&G, and Reebok—all leaders in the push for equality in the workplace—we asked consumers to think about the impact of getting 20% less1 as they made purchases on April 10. This date marked how far women, on average, had to work into 2018 to catch up to what men earned in 2017 alone. Our goal was to raise awareness of the gender pay gap and encourage companies everywhere to commit to equal pay.

On Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, August 7, and Latina Equal Pay Day, November 1, we’ll do the same to raise awareness of the 38% and 46% pay gaps they face.2 (Let those numbers sink in.)

We’re proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with companies that are committed to pay equity and setting a new standard for workplace equality.”
Sheryl Sandberg

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Equal Pay 2018 Survey Findings

1 in 3 One in three Americans is not aware of the gender pay gap—and men are almost twice as likely as women to think it does not exist.3

3/4 Three-quarters of Americans think it would be a major problem or crisis if they earned 20% less money.4

73% 73% of Americans think the gender pay gap is unfair and a vast majority attribute it to sexism or unconscious bias.5

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Survey conducted by: SurveyMonkey Lean In

#20PercentCounts in cities from coast to coast

Lean In Circle members teamed up with local businesses across the country to promote #20PercentCounts in their communities. On Equal Pay Day, businesses from coffee shops to dry cleaners donated 20% of their sales* to organizations that support women and families, including the American Association of University Women, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Dress for Success, and Feeding America.

Special thanks to Salesforce for providing the financial support to promote #20PercentCounts in more than 40 cities across the country.

Special thanks to GoFundMe for providing the social fundraising platform and the Direct Impact Fund to collect and distribute the donations.

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Stories from women and their families

In partnership with P&G, we asked real women and their families about the impact of the pay gap.

Lean In community member Gloria shares why it’s important to close the pay gap for her, her wife, and their daughter.
Lean In Circle member Nkosa explains why closing the gender pay gap is just the right thing to do.
Watch real women explain the gender pay gaps for all women, Black women, and Latinas.

We’re grateful for the organizations that shared #20PercentCounts in support of closing the gender pay gap.

* Up to a prespecified amount


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