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For Participants

A training program to help you take meaningful action

Allyship at Work helps you understand your privilege and positional power and learn specific actions you can take to show up as an ally. You and your coworkers will develop a shared understanding of allyship and prepare to take action in ways that center impact—and avoid pitfalls like performative allyship or the savior mentality.

This program is for everyone, regardless of your role, level, or identity. You’ll learn how to show up in both private and public ways for your coworkers with marginalized identities—such as women, people of color, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, and those with intersecting identities.

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What to expect

Throughout the program, you’ll engage in individual explorations and group discussions. And you’ll connect with a small group of peers you will meet with on an ongoing basis for accountability and support.

The program consists of two main components:

A virtual four-hour workshop that serves as a primer on allyship, why it’s important, and how to practice it

Three small group follow-up sessions to provide accountability and support as you put what you’ve learned into practice

What you’ll do

  • Learn key concepts through videos and a presentation
  • Complete individual activities and personal reflections to understand your own privilege and positional power
  • Engage in small group discussions with your peers

What you’ll take away from the program

  • An increased awareness of what allyship looks like and how it creates more inclusive workplaces
  • A clear understanding of privilege and how it can create inequities in the workplace
  • Insight into your positional power and your unique ability to create change
  • More than 50 specific, research-backed actions to try
  • A peer support group to help keep you accountable

Let’s get started!

The Personal Workbook is designed to guide you through the program and become a personalized reference for your allyship journey. Each workbook includes the key concepts you need to know, as well as the exercises you’ll complete as you go.

Download the workbook before participating in the program, and your moderator will walk you through how to use it as you get started.

Access the workbook


Meet the makers of Allyship At Work

We teamed up with academic experts and DEI practitioners to ensure the program is intersectional, actionable, and drives meaningful change.

Daisy Auger-Domínguez

Chief People Officer, VICE Media Group

Daisy has led organizational transformations at Moody's Investors Service, The Walt Disney Company, Google, and Viacom. Her TEDx talk Inclusion Revolution and upcoming book by the same title call on everyone, from individual contributors to CEOs, to do the work of dismantling inequity in the workplace.

Kimberly B. Cummings

Founder & CEO of Manifest Yourself, LLC

Kimberly is a career expert whose mission is to help women and people of color navigate the workplace, make more money, and become industry leaders. In addition, her company, Manifest Yourself, provides organizations with tailor-made solutions to hire, develop, and retain women and people of color.

Deena Fidas

Managing Director & Chief Program and Partnerships Officer for Out & Equal

Deena is behind the LGBTQ+ movement’s largest corporate public policy mobilization efforts. Under her leadership, the number of Fortune 500 companies with full LGBTQ+ protections rose from less than half to 90 percent. Deena has led inclusion programs on four continents and pioneered the development of corporate benchmarking tools here in the U.S. and across Latin America and Asia.

L. Taylor Phillips

Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations at NYU's Stern School of Business

Dr. Phillips’s research focuses on engaging traditionally privileged groups in diversity and equity efforts, and identifying methods to increase cooperation between the advantaged and disadvantaged. She has published research in leading social psychology journals, including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Research in Organizational Behavior.

Andraéa LaVant

Founder and President of LaVant Consulting, Inc.

Andraéa runs a social impact communications firm that helps brands "speak disability with confidence." She currently serves as the impact producer for Netflix’s Oscar-nominated documentary Crip Camp and advisor to major brands including Google, Netflix, and Verizon.

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