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Welcome to the Lean In Community!

By Sheryl Sandberg • March 5, 2013

Whether you are a woman or man…have read the book Lean In or not…are just starting out, considering a change, taking a break, looking to start something new, or trying to pursue a personal goal…we are so happy to have you here.

We are here to support each other and learn from each other. Lean In gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts and some of the lessons I have learned. Now it’s your turn. By talking openly about the challenges that we all face in the workplace and at home, we can work towards solutions together.

I am so grateful to the women and men who came together to start—my co-founders and our team, our passionate volunteers, and the brilliant professors at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford.

I am also deeply indebted to everyone who has shared his or her Lean In stories with us. Of course, every individual and every situation is unique. But taken collectively, these stories paint a picture of the shared struggles and obstacles we all face. They allow us to see how stretching for a goal and believing in yourself can pay off. I urge you to read these stories; if you feel inspired, please share your story with us so others can benefit from your experience and insights.

I am excited to see where this journey takes us. Like every community, this one will evolve as more people join and share their ideas. We look to you to help us all move forward.

Together, we are stronger than any one of us alone. Together, we can break down the stereotypes that hold us all back, making our organizations more productive and our homes happier. Together, we can create a world where everyone—women and men, girls and boys—has true choice and equal opportunity to follow his or her dreams.

Let’s Lean In, together.


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