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Alice Bentinck
Taking Risks

A woman who thought programming wasn't for her leans in — by learning to code.

Alice Bentinck Cofounder, Code First: Girls and Entrepreneur First
Sloane Davidson
Story - Stage of Life

A woman leans in to her own happiness.

Sloane Davidson Community Builder
Jessica Holden
Taking Risks

A woman finds her voice as an advocate for foster children.

Jessica Holden UG Representative, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Claudia Reuter
Taking Risks

A woman builds her startup — and makes leaning in a habit.

Claudia Reuter CEO, SchoolChapters, Inc.
Sarah Hendrickson

Olympian Sarah Hendrickson shares her inspiring road to Sochi.

Sarah Hendrickson Ski Jumper
Candy Torres

A woman puts her dreams of space into action.

Candy Torres Public Speaker for STEM
Lisa Kay Solomon
Taking Risks

Thrown into the fast-paced world of campaigns, a woman learns that the best way to learn is to teach herself.

Lisa Kay Solomon Author and Educator
Naazish YarKhan
Taking Risks

A Muslim woman shares her deeply personal choice to wear the hijab at work.

Naazish YarKhan Content Strategist
Danielle Moore
Speaking Up

A new mom learns that to get the support she needs, all she has to do is ask.

Danielle Moore Supply Base Manager
Isabel Smith
Taking Risks

A woman discovers that leaving school doesn't mean giving up.

Isabel Smith Wedding Planner
Brad Meltzer

An author writes a children's book series to show his kids what heroism is really about.

Brad Meltzer Writer
Shari Raymond
Taking Risks

An NBC page shows how perseverance can turn "no" into "yes."

Shari Raymond Web Producer

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