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Lady Fuller
Overcoming Adversity

An entrepreneur finds solace, strength and courage despite the odds.

Lady Fuller President & Founder
Jessica Bennett
Speaking Up

Frustrated by inequality in the newsroom, a group of journalists band together to make an impact.

Jessica Bennett Journalist
Silke Knebel
Speaking Up

Two years of experience in the Peace Corps. offers one woman a lens into an issue of global importance.

Silke Knebel Development Director
Anushka Anand, PhD
Partner Stories

A PhD student overcomes her self-doubt to start a new research path.

Anushka Anand, PhD Researcher
Kirthiga Reddy
Partner Stories

A driven mother finds the balance between seeking career growth and raising her two young children.

Kirthiga Reddy Head of Office
Mindy Levy
Member Stories

Learning new skills on maternity leave helps a consultant make a deeper impact at work.

Mindy Levy Organizational Psychologist
Wenda Harris Millard
Member Stories

A magazine exec steps out of her comfort zone and finds success in the unknown.

Wenda Harris Millard Media Executive
Marne Levine
Partner Stories

An executive discovers the artful balance of communication at home and in the workplace.

Marne Levine VP, Global Public Policy
Betsy Smith
Partner Stories

Sent to Arizona to start a call center, a recently-hired trainer gets more than she bargained for.

Betsy Smith Communication Enthusiast
Leslie Holeman, DVM
Member Stories

Dissatisfied with her day job, one woman seeks to fulfill her childhood dreams.

Leslie Holeman, DVM Veterinarian
Jackie Hilly
Taking Risks

After taking a hiatus from the working world, a former attorney finds a cause she can be passionate about.

Jackie Hilly Gun Safety Advocate
Hannah Brencher
Partner Stories

A young woman becomes inspired to help underprivileged girls succeed.

Hannah Brencher Millennial Communications Expert

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