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Merle R. Saferstein
Member Stories

After almost 30 years, a woman leaves a fulfilling career to pursue her passion.

Merle R. Saferstein Author & Educator
Tanya C. Clemons
Partner Stories

After being recruited by a major organization, a talented executive considers the value of the opportunity.

Tanya C. Clemons SVP & Chief Talent Officer
Shelley Moore Capito
Taking Risks

A local leader decides to take her public service to the next level.

Shelley Moore Capito Congresswoman
Louise Vinter
Member Stories

A consumer researcher brings insight to the evolving publishing industry.

Louise Vinter Head of Consumer Insight
Patricia Salas Pineda
Taking Risks

A trailblazing auto executive takes risks and inspires others to do the same.

Patricia Salas Pineda Group VP
Willow Bay
Taking Risks

A journalist takes a risk and goes all in for a key opportunity.

Willow Bay Journalist
Susan Ben-Moshe
Taking Risks

A long-term, incumbent mayor faces down her fears and her opponent.

Susan Ben-Moshe Social Worker
Stevana Case
Offers & Negotiations

A professional gamer takes her career to the next level when she takes a risk on a challenging position.

Stevana Case Senior Account Executive
Donna Fluke
Overcoming Adversity

A mother finds support and her life’s work by helping children with disabilities.

Donna Fluke Advocate for Children With Disabilities
Colleen Crouch
Starting Out

A stint at a coroner’s office breathes life into a woman’s career goals.

Colleen Crouch Sr. Packaging Manager
Heather Hiles
Taking Risks

A CEO stands up to her co-founder and sparks a professional evolution.

Heather Hiles Founder & CEO
Susan McPherson
Partner Stories

After dealing with tough circumstances, a resourceful executive finds a new path.

Susan McPherson SVP & Director

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